Fanatec becomes Official Steering Wheel Partner of Gran Turismo

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Fanatec becomes Official Steering Wheel Partner of the Gran Turismo World Series, and announces sponsorship of Igor Fraga in the 2023 Super Formula Lights series.

This is a proud moment for Fanatec, where all our hard work bringing the first official direct drive products for Gran Turismo is recognised by becoming the Official Steering Wheel Partner of the Gran Turismo World Series.

The Gran Turismo World Series 2023 is an international championship open to anyone with a copy of Gran Turismo 7. Both the Nations Cup and Manufacturers Cup championships feature seven online rounds, culminating in two live events – the 'World Series Showdown 2023' in August, and 'World Finals 2023' in December. As Official Steering Wheel Partner, both live events will see the competitors racing exclusively on Fanatec hardware.

Additionally, we will have our own section added to the Brand Central area of Gran Turismo 7.

We will also be providing support for the 2018 Gran Turismo World Series Nations Cup winner Igor Omura Fraga as a personal sponsor throughout the 2023 Super Formula Lights series. We’ve followed Igor’s career with great interest, as he is one of the most exciting drivers developing their skills and winning championships in both real-world and virtual motorsports. 

2023 is a landmark year for Gran Turismo, emphasising the vision that they share with us of bringing virtual and real worlds closer together. We also can’t wait to see the movie, which tells the true story of another sim racer who became a real racing driver.


  • Can we now buy PSN buttons for all fanatec wheel rims?

  • I'd love some PS button caps for my WRC rim. Although it is an easy rim to learn with the Xbox button layout.

  • Make 73Make 73 Member

    How about telling something about your upcoming products?

    We gamers are not so interested about sponsorship deals with Fanatec.

    QR2 when?

    Rally button module when?

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