DD1 / Wheel disconnects randomly

Hello everyone,

I post this here in hope, that somebody reads this who had/has a similar issue like I have right now and maybe has a solution to my problem so I can avoid RMA.

This might get a bit lengthy, so sorry in advance and thank you for taking your time reading!

I bought the DD1 Podium Formula 1 bundle (V3 + DD1 + Formula Wheel) in November 2022. I didn't have any issues till starting this week.

The only thing that changed is that I run my setup since 1 1/2 weeks on a completely new highend PC.

I start having random wheel/base disconnects, where suddenly I lost all steering input and ffb, wheel spins to the max right side and reflights are running on max.

I tried different USB ports, made sure that everything is up to date (Windows, Drivers of: Mainboard, CPU, GPU; latest BIOS) and reinstalled the latest Fanatec Drivers and also Fanalab. I also looked after the pins and screws in the quickrelease - where everything was fine.

After all this hassle I tried again but every other lap my wheel/base got a disconnect for about 2-3 seconds. That was different to the one I had before, where ffb and steering inputs never came back, only through a restart.

To that time my pedals and base where connected both on their own via USB to the mainboard.

Then I connected my base in a front USB-Port of my case.

With this setup I managed 2 whole 20 minute races without a disconnect of my gear.

I also noticed that the V3 pedal vibration after every wheel/base disconnect was gone, while the pedal still was working.

Then i tried connecting my V3 pedals directly to my base. The base itself was still connected to the front USB-Port of my computer case.

With this setup i didnt get a disconnect of my wheel/base. Instead my pedals got the disconnect and the wheel/base was fine! WTF?!

After disconnecting and reconnecting the pedal cable at the base i was able to finish a whole 25min race (pedal vibrations missing) that I was signed up for.

But in the next session the same thing again... pedals disconnecting, not the wheel/base.

Tomorrow I will try my simracing gear on my old pc again and see how that goes.

Since i have these problems, i was driving more than 11 multiplayer races on the same track in ACC.

One very, very weird thing that i noticed is, that the disconnects ALWAYS happend on the exact same two places on track. Both more or less heavy breaking zones. How can this be a coincidence?!

To complete my post, here are my computer specs:

  • Win 11 Home
  • MSI B650 thomahawk WiFi
  • AMD Ryzen 7 7800 X3D
  • AMD 7900 XTX
  • 32 GB DDR5
  • 1000W PSU

If anyone has an idea what I could try, please let me know!


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