No gear paddle change/ lights on new-ish CSL P1 V2

Recently bought a DD 8nm, V3 pedals as well as CSL PI V2. And very happy I am too with it all…except…

yesterday I noticed after a lap, I could no longer change paddle gears. (Content Manager)

I also tried this in AMS2, also could not select gears. I also notice no lights or buttons work either on the wheel.

I have the latest firmware as I checked, I have removed and replaced the wheel, no pins damaged, plus re downloaded the 450 driver, as my wheelbase was not responding after I had tried a few fixes ( the power light was dim and slowly flashing) . Also I unplugged the devices and plugged in again.

I can race with auto gearbox, not very satisfactory!

Any suggestions what to do?

many thanks Richard


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