APM missing shifts and buttons not working

For a few days now I've experienced the following.

During a race for example, my APM shifters will not shift up or down for a few seconds and then work again, really inconvenient when accelerating or slowing down for a corner. What also occurs, is that my buttons on the wheel ar not responding. This is on both my wheels, the F1 2019 edition and the Podium Fanatec World Challenge with the PBM. When it happens on the PBM, I see on the led screen, that it is restarting or something, like it lost connection.

And my latest issue is, when I swap my wheels, it automaticly goes to the firmware update screen, which shouldn't happen.

Driver: 450



Steering wheel F1: 46

Steering wheel Hub: 6

Button Module: 22

Wireless QR:


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