Universal Hub 2 not detecting on Podium DD1

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I have had my Podium DD1 since November and never had an issue but only using the F1 wheel that came with it.

Tonight i bought a second hand universal hub 2 which i know is working because i used it before i purchased it and it was working fine on his Podium DD1, however now i have it on my base fanatec control panel wont detect it, and none of the buttons or lights work on the universal hub.

A few times when i have turned the base off and on again the little white light flashes on the universal hub a few times and then goes off but thats all that happens. A few when i have done this the base has turned itself off however most of the time the base stay on but the hub doesnt power up.

When i take it off and put the F1 wheel back on it works as normal

I am on the latest 450 PC driver

Help ?!?


  • What firmware is on the UH2? Is it the firmware from driver 450 or older?

  • I can't really help you other than suggesting trying to revert back to the 447 update, rather than this new 450 driver. I've learned a long time ago, especially with Fanatec and that was to never do their updates right away. I give it tons of time before I download a new driver. When it works, it works. But when it doesn't, it screws everything right up. I don't like it. Spend hours for nothing to work. Anyway, good luck man. Hope you get it working.

  • This is a (known) hardware issue of some WQR modules of some bases where the module can not detect Podium Hubs and CS Universal Hub V2s.

    You have to contact the support to get the WQR module repaired.

  • Thanks Maurice.

    Disappointing it seems to be a common problem with this base for people who bought it on the black Friday sales.

    Thankfully it's under warranty and I found out now so i will send it in for repairs

  • Maurice will I need to send in my universal hub as well? Remembering its second hand and confirmed to be working


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