How do you manage straight-line oscillation?


I've had my Fanatec setup for a few weeks now. I'm coming from a Logitech G29 so many things regarding this gear is new to me.

I'm using the GT DD Pro (8Nm) with the CSL Elite WRC rim exclusively on PS5 by using the native "blue indicator light" PlayStation mode. I have a Playseat Trophy for this setup, which is very solid, thankfully. All of my Fanatec gear is running the latest firmware provided by the driver version 450.

I've mostly used the Fanatec recommended tuning menu settings for games like GT7 and Assetto Corsa Competizione. What I've noticed that using these settings in both of these games give me horrendous straight-line oscillation if I let my hands off the wheel - the faster the car goes, the more violent the oscillation is.

So, I have tinkered with the tuning menu, and at least in ACC the oscillation can be mitigated by increasing the NDP to around 50, NFR to around 20 and NIN to around 60. But with these settings, I feel the FFB is starting to mute down - the details become lacking.

So it seems I have two choices: 1) accept the fact that in any case I cannot take my hands off the wheel 2) accept the fact that I lose some clarity in the FFB output

This is why I am asking you guys, how have you dealt with this issue? As a direct drive newbie, am I missing something very obvious here?

Thanks in advance!


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