MCL v2 wheel QR1L problem

hello to all,

this is my actual experience with this wheel. Bought it last Sept 2022 and after some months starting to have wheel disconnection, button locked, FFB loosing etc problems.

So I decided to contact Fanatec support. The wheel was sent to their factory for cheking and the problem was the QR1L. After that I received back the wheel the situation was even worse. They changed the QR1L with a new one but I suffer more disconnection than before.

Many mails with the support line, and the request was to send the base CSLDD + the MCL wheel to their factory for another checking.

The nice thing is that I have a Formula V2.5 wheel with QR1 metallic that works very good without any issue.

So I decided to install the QR1 metallic on MCL v2 wheel, and surprise used the wheel for all evening, many race, many test without any single problem.

Contact once again the support line and they want to send me the third!, the third! QR1L. I'm a bit disappointed that they cannot admit that the components has many problems. And they are not able to give a proper solution!

I was also open to pay for a QR1 metallic but not at full price, they sold a wheel that practically cannot be used!

Sorry for long story, anyone else got the same issue? Hos it has been solved?




  • Tae YooTae Yoo Member

    Hi Oscar, I think many people experience issues with QR-Lite, my self included. I don't particularly experienced any disconnects however, but generally struggled with minute play when moving wheel back and forth.

    QR1 (metal version) is better compared to QR-Lite, but it's not perfect either IMO. Even QR1, in my experience, have tolerance issue where I still feel minute sloppy play when moving the wheel back and forth in higher FFB setting. What makes QR1 work for me is the locking screw, this helps to secure wheel to the base. Not an ideal solution though if you intend to swap wheels frequently. I primarily use MCL V2 so locking screw is the workaround for me.

    IMO locking design for both are not robust mainly due to its tolerances, hence many are awaiting for QR2 to be released.

    In the meantime, try below forum link for some QR-Lite workaround. Good luck!

  • Hello Tae, thanks for reply.

    Maybe QR1 It's not perfect but It works.

    Used for hours without any issue. I used CSLDD at 85-90% settings and 65-68% in game, It's not a big value to have some issue.

    In my opinion the locking system on QRL Is crappy, not too much contact or strenght around the shaft.

    But Fanatec has a lot of engineer that can solve the issue without looking for customer creative solution.

    Maybe they work but this Is not the point.

    I hope that they will come with some solution.

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