Order status showing "in Progress" with RED box

I am new to Fanatec gear and I just ordered a Clubsport Wheel Formula v2.5 on Monday 05.06.2023, I had a blue box stating that the "Order has not been processed" that changed this morning 07.06.2023 to "Your order is being processed" (Still with blue box).

It has now changed to a RED box with "in progress" next to it as of 10:00am EST 07.06.2023, please note that I have not canceled my order and the website still says the wheel is in stock. I have read a few forum posts (Pre-2023) that state that it means the order is canceled.

If anyone can confirm the RED box with "in progress" means the order is canceled or its fine and I'm just being paranoid for no reason, that would be great.



  • I have the same situation as you. I made my order on the 5th of June and today my order went through the same different statuses... I guess it's reassuring...

  • That helps knowing I'm not the only one, I'd assume that everything is fine. I would be fine with the box being green instead of red, less off-putting.

  • I received an email saying that they have a technical issue and the shipment will be momentarily delayed

  • I received an email saying that they have a technical issue and the shipment will be momentarily delayed

  • I also received that email as well, It appears that it may be an issue regarding UPS staffing as the USA dist. center is located in California.

  • I have the same problem right now. Is it solved at yours?

  • Same thing for me, I am located in Europe, so should not be affected by USA UPS.

    Already 24h have passed with no updates, status still red (in progress). If it is some kind of system error, I find it quite strange that nothing could be done during this time in 2023.

    Hopefully it can be resolved soon.

  • Yeah I also live in europe. Its just really weird. hope it gets fixed soon

  • I live in Canada and the issue is still the same as yesterday. The status is the same

  • I also live in EU, how much trouble did you have ordering your parts? I had a internal server error for 2 days straight every time I tried to confirm my order, after 2 days it finally went through to payment.

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    I made my order on 5th of June, website was down for a moment that day, and it was very slow the whole day, but did not give any errors. But I did not receive any order confirmation email, just receipt from PayPal. Also the order in the webpage initially displayed only CSL pedals, despite me ordering the whole bundle and a clamp, price was correct. Now all the items are displayed.

    I just got off the live chat, where they replied with the same text that was sent in the email. But later they said that all orders should be shipped by Monday. If no updates will be provided by Monday, I will request a refund. A whole week to process an order... I would expect from a reseller, not directly from manufacturer. Not the nicest experience for the first time customer with them.

  • So your saying they trying tho shipp all orders on monday? Because i’m trying to get on the live chat but it wont let me. I’m waiting until monday otherwise i will refund it to.

  • That is what they said to me. Was not very convincing though, because I am quite sure that they are not processing anything during the weekend, so it has to be processed and shipped out today, to be on the way by Monday.

    The fact that the order status is not changed yet, makes it even more worrying. I found that red box with "in progress", is for cancellations. So my theory is that the system has cancelled orders randomly and they are trying to figure out which are real cancellations and which are system error. But that is purely my speculation

    But yeah, if no news or updates in the order page by Monday afternoon, I am getting a refund. I am not paying this kind of money to try to find out status of the item I purchased.

  • For me it changed now, now it says “the order is in process”

  • My status is yet to change, assuming the fix will update here in the USA by tomorrow 10.06.2023. Fingers crossed!!

  • I'm having this issue to has anyone else got an update.

  • I've not gotten any updates since they email me on the 7th with the notification regarding the technical issue.

    I'm a bit disappointed that they charged my credit card on the 5th but still haven't shipped my order.

  • Jamie SpataroJamie Spataro Member
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    Same issue here with ordering the club shifter. Mine is still “in progress” after an email last week regarding a technical issue. I’ve ordered other products like the pedals since then and they have already arrived.

  • Ya I have tried to email them but still have not got a response.

  • I am still having this problem has anyone else figured out what's going on. What worries me is that my brother order something yesterday and his already shipped. I order mine the 6 and still have not got any conformation of any sort but they've taken the money out my account.

  • Has anyone gotten an update yet? It’s been a week since ordering and all we got was a general email

    about the issue and no ETA. I’ve had great customer service with fanatec up until this point so this is discouraging. I can’t even cancel the order and start over….they should give everyone affected by this an improved shipping method cause of this.

  • Wait your brother ordered something and it shipped before this stuff shipped? Am I reading that correctly?

  • Ya

  • His Status updated to completely shipped within 12 hours. I just don't understand why its been a week an nothings happening. I have tried to email and call them multiple times but they send you to voice mail.

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    Yea I’m about to dispute the charges with my bank since I can’t cancel the order and I may not buy another fanatec product over this either which sucks cause I’ve actually had a good experience with them until now.

    I seriously expect overnight shipping or at worst two day shipping to make up for this.

  • Ya I have had a good experience previously to but this is crazy. I think they have a hotline to call but its only open 2 to 4 pm Germany time. So I guess that's only option I see right now. And ya faster shipping is the least they good do.

  • Hello All,

    My first experience with Fanatec and it has not been very reassuring to say the least;

    Placed order yesterday 6-11-23, Fanatec took my payment

  • What worries me is that I haven't been able to contact them to figure out what's going on.

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