I saved up a whole two year for this...

I've been saving up ever since I gotten into sim racing. Been lucky with my financials lately and was able to put an order down for a CSW base +F1 eSports wheel.

This whole situation has left me severely disappointed and sad. It was supposed to be a good moment for me but I feel like I've been left high and dry by the fanatec team.

Pre-order date has been pushed back and my order still hasn't been updated. I've emailed fanatec and gotten no reply, their recent announcements indicates a lack of accountability and remorse. I feel like I'm wasting money on this company.


  • Yeah it certainly takes the edge off doesn't it. I've got a simlab rig and a V2 wheel collecting dust. I'm sick of looking at them now. Part of me regrets shelling out for all of this expensive kit. Life just felt simpler and less frustrating 2 months ago.

    Still, in 3 months it'll all be a painful but distant memory (hopefully). Hang in there. Theres 5 000 of us in the same boat (actual figures may differ).

  • i am in this boat... i am in the crows nest looking for signs ....keeping faith that land is close

  • There are many of us from early May and earlier still have not received our orders. Hang in there I have another two weeks before my order is supposed to ship.

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