Everyone deserves direct drive. CSL DD Ready2Race Bundle for just 399.95€/$*!

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We’ve done it again - another game-changing price point in sim racing! We now offer the CSL DD Ready2Race Bundle - a full direct drive package consisting of steering wheel, wheel base, and pedals for just 399.95€/$*. This is saving 150€/$* compared to buying these products separately!

Plus, you can save an additional 50€/$* if you add the Boost Kit at the same time!

Just like the groundbreaking CSL DD launch price, this is another step towards bringing direct drive technology to a wider audience. For many years, Fanatec has concentrated its efforts on high-end sim racing equipment, and beginners would aspire towards stepping up to Fanatec, but until now the price has made the equipment unattainable. While entry-level brands have recently tried to attract the higher-end, we are bringing our high-end technology to the entry level audience at an unbelievable price.

We were sold out for quite a while because of the chip shortage but now the production is running at full speed again and we benefit from the cost savings of mass production.

CSL DD Ready2Race Bundle for PC includes:

CSL Steering Wheel P1 V2

The steering wheel’s lightweight construction helps to retain fine force feedback detail even at low torque settings. Its 300 mm diameter is suitable for many vehicle types. It features a RevStripe and display, and metal paddle shifters.

CSL DD Wheel Base

The CSL DD raises the bar for performance at this price point. The powerful direct drive servo motor delivers linear, consistent performance (5 Nm torque), with the optional Boost Kit 180 (sold separately) unlocking the maximum strength (8 Nm torque). If the boost kit is bought right away, you save another 50,-€/$ !

CSL Pedals

Both the throttle and brake axes use precision Hall-effect sensors. The stability of the all-metal design means it is built to last. The stiffer spring on the brake pedal combined with the PU foam damper provides a realistic, progressive feeling. The pedals can be easily upgraded to a load cell brake +clutch for even higher performance.

Fanatec makes high-end sim racing products affordable and from now on you can buy a real Direct Drive for the price of a gear or belt-driven wheel.

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    1. Gear Drive
    2. Belt Drive
    3. Direct Drive


  • I was confused when I saw a post on YouTube about the bundle. I was about to tell the YouTuber that he was a few months late until I seen the details on Fanatec's site. Nice to see the price brought down to this level. Will this be the prices of these bundles going forward?

  • still nothing from QR2

  • Just bought this bundle on Friday, hopefully they will refund me the difference.

  • A friend of mine is trying to add this bundle to their cart but the website appears to be breaking at that step. They (and me when I tried the same thing) just get a page with {} at the top.

  • For gt pro dd (ps5) did the cost of production also decrease? When can i expect a cut? Do you not anticipate a reduction in this set due to little competition in this segment?

  • That's exactly what I was thinking. It would be really great if the prices for the PS5 bundles were lowered as well. I am currently still on a T300. But would really like to drive a Fanatec DD-Wheelbase. So come on dear Fanatec team and drop a good offer with PS5-compatible devices. Then I'm immediately on it, as surely many other PS5 users also :)

  • Is there anyone from Fanatec here reading along? Everybody indeed deserves DD and I am also waiting on a similar package for Playstation!

  • "...production is running at full speed again..."

    And You can get that cheapest bundle next time at middle of august or october, Europe 🙄

    Selling out of stock isn´t good busines while other brand DDs are available, like Moza.

  • I am also a bit wondering why this bundle is promoted by Fanatec like this if it is out of stock for over a month. However the only thing that is out of stock is the wheel. Which does make it a bit frustrating because other „better“ wheels would be available but the price difference between the bundle and the configuration option is just out of any relation.

  • Will you cut the price of GT DD Pro by the same amount? It's essentially the same thing but with PS license.

  • JohnJohn Member

    Yeah I am also waiting for the DD Pro for PS5 to adjust the price as it is completely out of proportion now 😥

  • I really have to say that the behavior towards Playstation users is not fair. I mean, of course Fanatec can choose the products for which it lowers the prices. But the second time Playstation users are looking down the tubes at discounts. And calling the blog entry "Everyone deserves DD" sounds almost like mockery for Playstation users. It should be "Everyone deserves DD drives in a market where we are getting problems because of the competitive situation". For me personally Fanatec and its DD Pro was not the first choice anyway. I would rather go to Moza or other providers, because here for years nothing new is released, QR1 is bad and from the years ago advertised QR2 adapter is no trace. We do not even talk about the bad support (see Trusted Shops). I must really confess that you have now scared me away. Moza and Asetek are already talking about devices with console compatibility and then let's see Fanatec. Then you will probably reduce the DD Pro devices when there is rotation on the market but then you can keep your hardware. Sad as it is.

  • I think the lack of discounts has more to do with Sony's business practices than Fanatec trying to intentionally exclude PlayStation users from sales, lol. Sony has very strict requirements and high licensing fees for 3rd party peripherals. Not only does Fanatec have to buy decently expensive security chips to install in every PS5-compatible product but from my understanding, Sony's partnerships often require more expensive products to be co-branded as well (with PS or GT in the name). So that Sony can get an additional percentage of top-line sales for the "honor" of co-branding. In an effort to keep pricing somewhat similar/customers happy, it is likely that small price increase on PS-compatible bases does not fully reflect the cost of doing business with Sony. Meaning the profit margins on PS bases are likely even smaller than the already razor-thin margins of a CSL DD. Sony's partnership/top-line royalties take away a lot of Fanatec's ability to be flexible with pricing on those products. So I'd blame Sony for your woes more than Fanatec.

    As far as Fanatec not releasing anything new. Yeah, that's an issue. My guess is they put a hold on the QR2 and any new wheels when they realized they were suddenly so far behind the competition in those departments. In the past, they would start discounting older products leading up to the release of something new. I'd imagine all these discounts are because they want to clear out as much CSL stock as possible before they announce/release a new Clubsport DD base around Black Friday/Holidays. I'd assume the new CS base will have a modern QR system with updated pedals and a couple of wheels that are compatible with Fanatec's next-gen ecosystem. It would make sense that they would be holding off on releasing products for their older generation if they're about to update everything. At least, that's my hope because I need to upgrade soon and I'll be looking elsewhere unless their whole line-up gets re-vamped very soon.

  • JohnJohn Member

    This makes no sense, the difference of 400 for the PC bundle and the 700 for the PS5 bundle with the same pedals and a lower quality wheel, is 300! it used to be just a difference of 100, so it can't be that Sony is to blame here when a difference of 100 was good enough for fanatec to cover that cost, and now suddenly it's 3x as much? Nope, certainly not Sony's fault here, there is now that 300 gap that previously was just 100, and that's not okay.

    Lotigech and thrust master wheels are also being reduced very aggressively on a regular basis, despite Sony taking some profit.

    Fortunately, we will be getting strong alternatives soon with Moza, Cammus, PXN and Asetek already working on console compatibility, once they are out we will see how much fanatec is dropping the price of the CSL Pro to compete with them ;)

  • I finally saved enough money to buy the csldd bundle, but I found that qr1 lite was out of stock and I needed to spend more money to buy qr1 with poor performance. So what's the point of your price reduction?

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