How long does it normally take to get a tracking #?

First order from Fanatec. Got a email saying my ordered shipped on the 12th! I seem very luck compared to some of the story’s I’m reading on here. How long does it normally take for tracking number?


  • Look for an email directly from FedEx instead of one from Fanatec

  • what products did you place orders for?

  • Unfortunately I think I’m waiting for one from USPS (live in Canada)

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    Ordered csl elite base for PS4. V3 pedals and V2 wheel

  • Dan I know you got an email from Fanatec indicating a FedEx shipment but I think your package may come USPS / Can Post and you will get a confirmation email with tracking #'s from Claudia Sysak @ Suddath Global Logistics

    My timeline for "Ready to ship" components to Canada

    Date order placed: May 29

    Farthest availability date on your orders page: READY TO SHIP - CSL ELITE F1® SET - OFFICIALLY LICENSED FOR PS4™

    Current status of your order:

    May 30 - The order has been processed on Fanatec site

    June 1 - USPS shipping labels created and email from Claudia Sysak @ Suddath Global Logistics with tracking numbers (3)

    *you can track USPS Tracking numbers on the Canada post site and request notifications*

    June 3 - Notification arrived at USPS in LA

    June 4 - Notification package processed at USPS in LA and in transit to final destination (Canada)

    June 5 - 17 - crickets

    Date order was received: nothing yet

    Response from Fanatec staff:

    May 29th - Confirmation of order received

    June 17th - Apology for late response to email sent May 30th, and provided confirmation and tracking #'s that had already been provided by Claudia on June 1st.

    So although you may be feeling very lucky compared to some others on the forum, if your Canadian unfortunately your luck is now in the hands of Canada Post. Good Luck, eh

  • Yeah I know it’s will be coming usps to Canada post once it crosses the border. Since it looks likes it’s coming from LA according to your timeline it shouldn’t be to to bad since I'm in Alberta.

    how long did it take from order being processed to getting tracking numbers? My order was processed and shipped on the 12th of June. I Know it’s going to take some time to get here. Just would like to know where it’s all at. And maybe countdown the sleeps lol

  • I got the tracking numbers from Claudia 1 day after my order changed to processed @ Fanatec. I think when Fanatec sales emails you it has shipped that means they have released the order to their shipping company (Claudia Sysak @ Suddath Global Logistics) who actually packages and labels for shipping . Once the labels are created the packages still need to be picked up by USPS and then you can begin to track your progress. Although I did not detail it in my response, they actually sent 3 packages and 2 of the 3 packages were picked up and shipped a day later even though all the labels were created at the same time.

    Even though you are in Alberta I assume the package leaves LA by air so the time it takes to get to the border should be almost the same. I think in our case the delay is customs (CBSA mail processing centres are located in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.) and package logistics at Canada Post because we will have to pay Duties before delivery or pickup . If the package leaves by ground bad news is yours get a manditory stayover in vancouver so it not so straight a line from LA to AB.

    But for your sake I hope being closer to LA means you will not have to wait 14 days from departure for an update on delivery.

    Since we cannot sim race lets see who loses the package delivery race, I have a head start but you are closer . Who will be the first to post they got their stuff.

    Here is what you have to look forward to after you get your tracking number

  • Hi,

    My order processed in June 12th and I got tracking info yesterday from Claudia @ Suddath Logistics and a few hours after I got a text from Fedex saying they had picked up the order.

  • fanatec... it will be a week tomorrow since my ordered so called “shipped” still waiting on a tracking number ...

  • If you are in the US you can create an account on FedEx and under delivery manager it will tell you any time FedEx has something to deliver to your address because it links your address to their system. So whether a company sends you an email or not, FedEx would have it logged to deliver to your house. And since Fanatec US uses FedEx, if they have actually created a label and/or shipped something, FedEx would have record of it.

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