Cancel and Re Order? Wait for customer support? What is going on?????

I ordered May 23 a Formula Wheel V2, CSL Elite, CSL elite pedals, the button cap and sticker set, and the formula 1 game. there was 2 items on pre order (formula wheel V2 on June 12 & button and sticker set for Aug 25). I received word from Dom and even sent him my order number said everything available for June 12 would be shipping 4 days ago. I even requested a partial shipment and got no response. My whole order has been pushed back to Aug 11. I just think it’s crazy how there’s no communication to solve a problemI’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem. There’s plenty people ordering recently and receiving their shipping confirmation or people canceling and reordering and receiving their confirmation as well. Anybody recommend anything or have any useful information from Dom or customer support ?????


  • First of the problem is that theres people how order thing well after u and still got their shipments that really weird and piss a lot of people. Second is the fact that people are ordering, cancelling for whatever is the reason and re-order after. All of that is causing logistic problem that no one know where their order are because the cancel ticket still have to be process in the system. Since i'm really bored this time, i read a lot of the comment in the forum and I make the remark that theres a lot of problem with their system and that a lot of their things still have to be process manually before anything (ex: just the fact of having a partial order send) whos causing a lot of problem. but oh well hope they can fix whatever need to be fix and/or let us know all whats going on in the inside

  • Having the same problem with the bundle i ordered

  • it's because it's blatantly obvious that they only ship if your whole order is in stock. They also don't set aside items for older orders. The no response anywhere is because they definitely don't want to admit this. Its a all or nothing. People are cancelling and ordering in separate orders and ordering only items that are marked as available to ship.


    best bet is probably to cancel, reorder each part separately and try to order only things that are in stock now.

  • Let's talk about the elephant in the room witch every one who complain look away.

    You can't get sim gear at the moment from anyware!!!!! (except entry level like logitech of high end like leo bodnar) !

    Simucube - maybe they catch up to the demand this yeah. Heusinkveld pedals and shifters - to be announce. Ascher racing wheels not a clue

    Aiologs shifters - next batch in september (how many? no one knows). Cube controls looks like they are in stock again but for how long? You guys get the picture.

    So either you wait 2 months ish or buy entry lvl logitec/trustmasters or go for the leo bodnad witch is twice as much the price of dd2 alone. Almost forgot you can get a Accuforce with wheel for 1k usd without pedals and shifter:)

    Look for alternatives at this lvl there are none!

    Fanatec maybe shod stop taking preorders like the others less drama ...

    ps: my order maybe will ship in 58 days:)

  • let put some positive comment in that forum :)

    how about creating another level of sim racing device like fanatec would get on their shit :)

    but its true for good sim racing device we are in a good place compare to other platform let see the good side in all that. Their not the greatest but not the worst.

  • Yup I'm having the same problem with my csl elite bunble. I love spending almost $600 and getting no information about my order. When I bought it the website said June 12th now it says August 7th. A small message telling me what is going on with my order would make me feel alot bettet.

  • I was in the same situation as you. I cancelled mine and ordered the F1 bundle instead this AM, which was stated as being ‘available’ on the website.

    I have already got confirmation back that they are preparing my new order for shipping. I’m not sure if this means anything but considering it’s a week past the ‘June 12th’ order date and they have been able to get this new order processed within an hour or so, I don’t have much confidence in them having the stock in hand to fulfil the other orders, given other people’s tales and the lack of any official communications

  • Wait whaaaaaaaaaat? Was there an intentional hung up while you were talking to the sales department manager or was it while waiting?

    Usually a company's call center after a while on hold either redirect to the operator OR drop the line.

  • My experience... couple of days ago I tried calling the sales team, sent message to Dom, emailed [email protected] for what was happening to my order which had the availability date as June 12th for all items and the orders status was "This order is in process". My call to the sales team kept going to voicemail. (I only called a couple of times so not sure if I can blame them). Dom responded yesterday saying he will look into it but it was too late and i had cancelled my old order by then.

    I took a chance and cancelled my previous order and placed individual orders of items ready to ship and my order's status is now "The order has been processed". Also I did get my money back for my cancellation.

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