Anybody found a fix yet….?

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Has anybody found a fix yet for this drop of FFB on F1 23. It seems totally random but it’s getting really annoying having to restart the game every few races?


Could somebody from Fanatec confirm that they are looking into it for us? Love you all.


  • Even any do’s and dont’s to help reduce it. I think not driving out of the pits works well and starting on a flying lap but could just be coincidence

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    Its a game issue, nothing you can do other than waiting for a game patch.

    I get it everytime I Alt+Tab out of the game, then I only get FFB back by pausing the game again...

  • ah I get you. Seems like it’s random for everyone. It’s probably to do with the game being able to be “idle” or something because that would make sense for Xbox when the games on in the background and having to be reset. Fair enough….

    the great game reset continues! Ha

  • FWIW, I've played the game for about 20 hours now, and haven't experienced any loss of FFB or anything out of the ordinary, really. I'm playing the EA store version, wonder if that has something to do with it?

    CSL DD w/ McLaren GT3 V2 wheel, CSP V1 pedals, driver 439, Win 10.

  • Yeah maybe!

    im on old school disc version. Just had it literally cut out mid race ffs. Is what it is. Always gonna be teething problems at first I suppose. Just annoying it’s something so basic and something that’s needed.

    it’s never a button that doesn’t work or something is it! Haha

  • I may be new at finding answers in this forum so forgive me if this has been answered and please direct me to the answer.

    I am at my "Breaking Point" with this FFB failure issue. This morning while attempting play, during mid-race the FFB absolutely, positively kicks off and will not come back on until I totally restart everything. THREE times this morning, and seriously folks it is essentially impossible to achieve anything.

    I paid for the early release of this F1 23 and it has been nothing but frustration for me personally. I try to overlook and start again etc. etc, but this is the definition of insanity, because nothing changes. 

    What makes this even more difficult is that I have no idea if this has solution, or is a solution in the works, or is this the best it is going to get?

    I fill out bug reports and get no response. I google for answers and find none.

    Am I an Island here?

    Am I alone or only one of a few having this FFB issue (especially regarding (FANATEC CSL-DD)?


    IF ANYONE HAS ANSWER, PLEASE SHARE and forgive me if the answer is in front of my face somewhere and I am simply missing it.

  • Same problema here.

    In all races, as I play 50% races, after some laps or after pitting or after/during SC, My podium F1 for PS is losing all track/curbs feedback, as the game looks all clean, without track/curbs sensation from my wheel.

    Is this something that can be solved by a Fanatec update or F1 game update??

    Please help us and try to solve it together with EA Sports... Its a really bad and cathastrophic thing for players like me, that compete in championships, to loose these type of informatino from the base/wheell during a race.

    Count on you guys from Fanatec to hel us out with this problem.

  • Its a game issue, nothing you can do other than waiting for a game patch.

    Todays Patch 1.7 had fixed "some" FFB issues but they still list "various FFB issues across all platforms" in their known issue list. So you still need to wait for another game Patch which hopefully fixes your FFB issue.

  • Now I’m getting a complete shutdown of the whole setup mid race. Just cuts out and the Fanatec logo shows until the unit is switched off and on again.

    CSL DD 8nm with mclaren GT3 on Xbox X.

    absolute nightmare. Been fine apart from that

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