DD2 Being shown as Clubsport Wheel Base Firmware

I have an odd problem with my DD2 with Button Module Endurance being in legacy mode because it thinks the wheelbase firmware is Clubsport. I've tried to downgrade the PC driver from 365 but then the DD2 isn't re4cognised when I connect it to the PC. I was going to try a wheelbase firmware downgrade but cant find one to download.

Has anyone seen this before and has a solution? I've done a lot of googling and cant find anything similar.


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    Known issue of driver 365, just a visual thing...

    BME for sure does NOT think it's a CSW. It's only a visual issue that the Update name is wrong, nothing more.

    BME ITM page 1 will still work just fine if you downloaded the software package 1.2, installed FanaLab and clicked on the included Enable_ITM registry file.

  • Hi Maurice, thanks for the quick response. I have FanaLab 1.24 installed from the 1.2 Package and the ITM page shows Legacy selected. The wheel display also briefly shows "Legacy" on start up as well. This is why I was thinking there was a wheel base recognition problem.

  • There is no wheel base recognition problem ;)

    If you see a ITM tab in FanaLab, then it will work by pressing and holding the tuning menu button and turning the Funky switch left or right at the same time.

  • thanks :-) I'll give it a go 👍️

  • Maurice, Thanks for your help... Have it working now :-)

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