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  • The settings below are considered to be reasonable baseline values for F1 23 (Xbox). They might not suit all tastes and driving styles, but they are a good starting point.
  • In order to apply the suggested settings correctly, it is important to assign both the Tuning Menu values AND the suggested In-Game settings together.
  • These settings assume you have updated all firmware from the latest Fanatec Driver package (available on the front page of the Fanatec website).
  • If you cannot access all the settings shown below, you are probably in the Standard Tuning Menu. To switch to the Advanced Tuning Menu, first enter the menu (short-press the Tuning button once), then press and hold the Tuning button for about four seconds.
  • You may see additional Tuning Menu settings depending on your connected devices. These additional settings are not relevant to force feedback, and are not listed here.
  • The settings for the CSL DD / Gran Turismo DD Pro are suitable for 5 Nm and 8 Nm (Boost Kit 180).
  • The settings for the Podium Wheel Bases assume you are in High Torque Mode. In Low Torque Mode, the same settings can be used, but with a higher FF value.

CSL DD / Gran Turismo DD Pro

Tuning Menu Settings:

  • SEN Auto
  • FF 100
  • FFS Peak
  • NDP 50
  • NFR Off
  • NIN Off
  • INT 3
  • FEI 100

In-Game Settings:

  • Vibration and Force Feedback: On
  • Vibration & Force Feedback Strength: 60
  • On Track Effects: 30
  • Rumble Strip Effects: 40
  • Off Track Effects 30
  • Wheel Damper: 3
  • Maximum Rotation (F1 & F2): 360
  • Maximum Rotation (Supercars): 900

Podium Wheel Base DD1 / DD2 / Podium Racing Wheel F1

  • SEN Auto
  • FF 45
  • FFS Peak
  • NDP 30
  • NFR 5
  • NIN Off
  • INT 3
  • FEI 100

In-Game Settings:

  • Vibration and Force Feedback: On
  • Vibration & Force Feedback Strength: 40
  • On Track Effects: 30
  • Rumble Strip Effects: 40
  • Off Track Effects 30
  • Wheel Damper: 3
  • Maximum Rotation (F1 & F2): 360
  • Maximum Rotation (Supercars): 900


  • Hi,

    Patch 1.08 created major wheel shaking, whereby I tried your recommended settings, which, however, made the shaking even worse to the degree the game is now unplayable. Is this something you are aware of or could it be caused by 1.08?

  • Erik EkErik Ek Member
    edited July 2023

    Changing SEN from Auto to 2520 fixed it, although I do not understand why?

    However, I think the wheel now feels numb and lifeless during initial turning, which settings may change this?

  • Alex HAlex H Member

    Yeah I 100% agree with Erik Ek. Just recently got into sim racing, went straight for fanatec thinking they're a good reputable brand. What a let down its been so far. Display on steering wheel doesn't work with xbox, can't use the settings everyone else uses as it causes crazy violent oscillations (probably the cause for a good amount of broken quick releases, it's that bad). Only solution I hear after searching the Internet and trying to fiddle with settings for the past 2 weeks is - set 'SEN' at 2520. OK that gets rid of the violent oscillations but now I can barely turn the car. And if I lower in game sensitivity guess what. The oscillations return. Soo after spending £1000 and dealing with the worst shipping/postage I've experienced in my life - I've now got a a crap load of fanatec equipment I already regret buying. These reccomended settings suck. As Erik said it just feels numb, and the sensitivity isn't aggressive enough at all. Doesn't even come close.

    Doubt I'd be able to even make it around Monaco hair pin unless I put it in first gear and drift my way round it.

    And I'm guessing there's not going to be a fix, since i seen people complaining about this issue on f1 21?

    I don't even play any other racing games. Just bought this equipment specially for f1 and so far it absolutely sucks

  • I'm not enjoying any of it. It doesn't feel like it used to. I have the PlayStation Podium F1 and when I change to the McLaren it just does not feel right at all. PC and PlayStation are fine. Maybe it has to do with changing wheels 🤷‍♂️ who knows

  • Same problem for me. Undriveble F1 car on a straight line. Fanatec are you aware and working on this?

  • Acabo de comprar el fanatec csldd con el volante McLaren y llevo 6 días intentado que funcione correctamente y no hay manera , si pongo los ajustes por defecto como dice aquí , en las rectas no tengo ff prácticamente y en las curvas se siente devil y luego con fuerza , por mucho que suba los ajustes de ff del juego no mejora , luego si bajo los grados de giro desde el panel de control de fanatec se vuelve imposible de conducir en las rectas , el volante se vuelve loco , necesito una solución , alguna configuración que funcione bien no puede ser que invierta en un producto top y este arrepentido y echando de menos mi Logitech g920 , por favor una solución.

  • (Translation to English):

    I just bought the fanatec csldd with the McLaren steering wheel and I have been trying for 6 days to make it work correctly and there is no way, if I put the default settings as it says here, on the straights I have practically no ff and in the curves it feels devilish and then with force, no matter how much I raise the ff settings of the game it does not improve, then if I lower the degrees of rotation from the fanatec control panel it becomes impossible to drive on the straight lines, the steering wheel goes crazy, I need a solution, some configuration that it works well, it cannot be that I invest in a top product and I am sorry and missing my Logitech g920, please a solution.

  • I do not think it has anything to do with Fanatec. I went back on to PlayStation and PC. Not on this game but other games. I didn't enjoy how Forza 7 was feeling either. Might just be difference in wheels. Cause I missed my Blue Formula wheel. The McLaren was not feeling like it used to. Maybe, it's just me. But that can't be it. Because I tried the F1 23 Beta and liked it. Then the game came out and on Xbox they offered 5 hours free trial. I played the story mode for 2 hours. Liked it. Didn't play again for a few weeks. Went back on and it was not enjoyable. So might just be something in an update they did. I'm not sure. I was also using settings for F1 22 for the beta and the first 2 hours. I tried those same settings again weeks later and it was undriveable. I also had my steering a lot lower in my F1 22 settings and not on Auto. But in 23 after those few weeks went by I couldnt drive with those settings anymore. The only reason I used F1 22 settings was because their were no settings available for the beta nor did I even bother to look on here when I first played the story for the first 2 hours. So, it worked then as well. I also do not have an XBOX Formula wheel to try. Either way, I something is definitely different.

  • Después de muchas pruebas , desde el panel fanatec 540 grados y todo lo demás por defecto , en el juego , 80ff ( ha gusto de casa uno ) 280 grados de giro 20 y 20 y 0 y 2 de fuerza de ruedas , parece que la oscilación desaparece, ( en Mónaco aparece , supongo que por la alta carga aerodinámica) tengo buenas sensaciones cuando giro en las curvas y se puede jugar , si os sirve lo dejo por aquí .

  • I've just my dd this week. I feel like I understeer loads with the recommended settings on xbox series x. Coming from the g920 where I could feel the understeer as the wheel went light very noticeable but I'm not feeling the understeer on the dd...am I missing something

  • Hey erveryone,

    I could use a little help with the telemetry. I recently had a CSL DD 8nm base and a Clubsport 2.5 X. I use Xbox series X with F1 23.

    I downloaded the latest FANALAB application (1.99.05) and I cannot activate the display screen and the LEDs on my steering wheel.

    I don't understand how I could get my game recognized from my PC to the XBOX. If anyone can help me I'm really on the verge of selling everything --'

  • Fanalab is a PC-only application. The display screen and LEDs on your wheel (or any wheel) are not supported on Xbox, it's a limitation of the platform and the development tools that Fanatec have given game developers to work with. In fact, the biggest limitation on Xbox, IMO, is that in addition to no LEDS or display screens, most controls on the wheel are either duplicate functions or have no function whatsoever. So that fancy $300+ wheel you bought, with all the cool toggle switches and dials and knobs has essentially the same functionality as an entry-level wheel costing 1/3 of the price.

    There is a rumor circulating that Fanatec are working on giving developers the tools they need to start implementing this missing functionality in their games, but honestly this issue has been going on for years, with both Fanatec and Xbox claiming it's the other party's fault. There's been absolutely zero sense of urgency shown by either side in resolving this issue, so I don't expect anything to change anytime soon, if ever.

  • Hello, thank you for your information Gregg.

    I admit that I don't understand how Fanatec can make a steering wheel specific to the XBOX with LEDs and not be able to make them work...

    Sorry, I'm only just getting into the world of Fanatec and realizing that it's really PC focused.

  • well thrustmaster uses a wifi for this for they sf1000

  • What are you guys using for button mapping? I'm on a 2.5X Wheel.

    I don't mind the LEDs not working, and I don't need the fancy dials and toggles...but dammit I need more buttons that actually function haha. All 4 buttons on the left hand are currently duplicates of throttle, brake, and shifters - is there a way to map those differently?

  • edited January 1

    Anyone with issue playing with csl dd + McLaren gt3 v2?

    If I play f1 23 with fanatic config, it will results in xbox crash (It shut down after few seconds of green screen) after some minutes of gameplay.

    All drivers are up to date. Issue happens only with f1 23 and only with fanatic plugged in.

  • Salut,

    Ce message arrivera peut-être bien tard pour certains...

    J'ai parcouru ce forum suite à mise à jour Firmware 455 qui m'a occasionné beaucoup de problèmes.

    Je suis donc revenu au Firmware 451 ce qui a résolu mon problème.

    Par contre pour les personnes ayant toujours des problèmes de rotation ou de perte de contrôle en ligne droite, parcourez ce descriptif très bien fait :

    Fanalab : comment trouver votre retour de force idéal ?

    Mes conclusions :

    • pour F123 : la rotation parfaite du volant réel et du volant in game : F123 360° / Volant V2.5X - Sen Max Steering Angle 180°. PAS SUR Auto comme conseillé ici.
    • la stabilité en ligne droite se gère avec le menu volant NDP Natural Damper. 0 = énormément d'informations et volant qui oscille - 100 = moins d'informations mais moins d'oscillations également. Mon réglage : 60 (des informations, le volant résiste et travaille mais sans pour autant le rendre incontrôlable).

    Bon jeu

  • Hello can anyone help with settings for clubsport wheel base v2.5 and formula v2.5 wheel?

  • Lee SwiftLee Swift Member
    edited May 4

    Everything was fine for just over a month since receiving my v2.5x but now I can't stop my wheel shaking on the straights as if the ffb is too high but I haven't changed anything...

    It's bad enough to make me turn it off and not bother.

    Regret investing in a setup to race after everything

    Can anyone help?

  • That's a shame...I am equally disapointed...do we know, if there is some progress or even light at the end of the "LED/display" tunnel in F1 2024?

  • I can’t speak to actual performance (based on personal experience) yet, as I’m in the Process of building a completely new Rig, but will update as soon as I am able to get some wheel time.

    I decided to go with a “hybrid” build this time. I absolutely love Fanatec in most aspects, but there are some things they just don’t offer for some reason that “hit the mark” IMO.

    This build (Console Only) will have the Trak Racer Alpine Racing TRX Rig (with multiple add ons), Fanatec DD2 with QR2, esportsim FSW V3 (with Fanatec QR2) Wheel, and I’m torn on pedals (Xbox compatible load cell options are limited right now), but they will be ordered today.

    Obviously this is far from an “entry level” Simulator, and trust me, I know the pains of spending that kind of money on a “game”…and while I probably shouldn’t have, lol, there are two reasons I made the decision to proceed;

    First, I genuinely want to see if the cost is worth the added performance/options…there’s nothing worse than spending hours or days just trying to race…so I’m praying it’s a MUCH smoother experience (which I think the wheel alone will accomplish that…but it’s ridiculously expensive and not worth it for 99% of us…including me).

    The other reason is due to “personal issues” and 21 years active duty with 100% disability rating, most of which are mental health related, I RARELY leave my house. Luckily we have a theater room with a 4k projector and 100” screen, which has basically become “my home” now unfortunately…I’ve been married 21 years with 3 kids, and the last two years of my mental health issues have put a strain on everything…but that’s a whole other story.

    I mention all of that to say, it’s bad enough living like this…and the last thing so want to do is “fight” to play a game…so I went overboard in hopes that it helps me find joy in SOMETHING again…only time will tell, and I will be sure to update as I go. Wish me luck, lol!

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