F1 2023 PBME Mapppings

Hello Fanatecs!!!

Does anyone know if there is a forum or repository that has recommended button mappings? I'd like to know if anyone has done a config for F1 23 that makes the PBME more like the F1 wheel. Something where the knobs are toggles for brake bias or fuel mappings. Just curious if it already exists.


  • I haven’t seen one. I mainly use my Formula V2 w APM for F1 23 but also have a PBME wheel w APM so thought I’d take a try at it. All the PBME features are recognized including leds for rev and flags so no issues there. There is no default for it in game, so started w the 918 wheel,

    On the formula wheel was using the secondary paddles for Overtake (Left) and Look back (right) so kept those the same. Although the PBME paddle layout for a GT wheel is a bit less convenient. Clutch to the lower analog paddles. If no APM then need to double map some buttons.

    the formula has the thumb rotaries where I mapped Diff and Brake Bias with ERS and Mix to the knobs. I use the toggles to call up temp, damage, pit & objective panels

    On PBME I used the knobs for ERS and Mix again. For Diff I used the left toggle but for Brake Bias I used the funky switch rotation as that was a nicer adjustment for that and kept the right toggle for temp and damage panels.

    rest of the buttons mostly the same as the Formula wheel but there is one less button on the PBME, the one set for button testing (on the PS at least)

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