CSL Elite PS4 wheel and rim for sale Michigan

Bought 3/10/2020. Upgraded to the DD yesterday. Local pick-up in Grand Rapids preferred. Also have a GT Omega apex pro wheel stand that is available. $450 for Fanatec setup. $100 for stand.


  • I live in Maryland and I would be interested in the wheel stand if you are willing to ship. Is so, how much do you think shipping would be?

  • I live in Detroit area and might be interested in Fanatec setup (base and wheel) if you can ship to me for $450 total. 4 hours round trip is too much to drive. I'm waiting on a back order from Fanatec but my patience is wearing thin and I might just cancel !


  • I did a rough estimate of the box size it would take on the USPS website and it was between $20 and $40 to ship. I have never sold anything this large online and shipped it so I do not know if that is high or not. It's a heavy wheel stand.

  • I think I read in another thread you were waiting on a CSW? I would wait for that! I'm not trying to make money, just want to get rid of this stuff for a reasonable amount with minimal hassle. You'll be kicking yourself if you buy the CSL(Club Sport Lite) instead of waiting. On the other hand, you'll be in my shoes anyway in 6 months and order the Podium to replace it! I love my fanatec gear. In the end, I am more willing to met you half way than ship it if you really want to pull the trigger on the CSL.

  • Toby -

    Thanks for your candor! You are absolutely right - I ordered the CSW and Formula carbon wheel with the belief that they would hold me for a good while. Anything less would be a huge disappointment. But the current Fanatec back-order cluster fuck is not helping. If I have to cancel now I will probably go with an AccuForce direct drive, but it's more expensive and the wait is another 6-8 weeks. So I'm back to square one. If only Fanatec would respond and tell me the truth about the status of my order....

  • I understand the frustration. Now that I've had the CSL and the DD1, the CSW seems like it would be the perfect compromise. CSL has great ffb but felt a little too much like a toy. The ffb in the DD isn't leaps and bounds above the CSL but the build inspires confidence that I can hoon it.

    Don't cancel that order! Fanatec is the way to go. :)

  • I couldnt get past my frustration over the delay without any communication from Fanatec, so I cancelled my order and went with Accuforce Pro V2 direct drive instead. I did place another order with Fanatec for just the V3 pedals, and they have already informed me that they are shipping those in the next day or so. We shall see....

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