What does 'Completely Shipped' mean - still no UPS tracking to the UK ?


I placed an order on 27th and the order was changed to 'completely shipped' on 28th but have still not received any UPS tracking info - have tried on the UPS app too but nothing listed there

What does the status mean - is it still in the warehouse waiting for UPS to pick it up?


  • Stephen JayStephen Jay Member
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    It can take a few days for the tracking number to appear on your order. You ordered close to the weekend as well so it might not appear until tomorrow or Wednesday at the earliest.

  • miserymisery Member

    download the ups app onto your phone i had the app show the tracking days before it showed on the fanatec site

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    Update - my email came back with a tracking number and my parcel is due on Thursday!

    interestingly they said that the tracking number is not visible when viewing your order on a mobile device!

    I checked on my windows PC and voila, the tracking number is there

    For anyone waiting for their tracking info please check using a windows/mac browser

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