Question on Repair

I’m wondering others opinions on an issues I’m having with a new wheel

I have been using the GT DD Pro 8nm base with the F1 eSport Wheel for 8 months or so. All has worked well. No issues. 

I just purchased a new wheel - ClubSport RS. As soon as I used it I found that a single led on the rev lights was not working. (Picture Attached)

So I contacted Fanatec Support and they issued and RMA. I sent it in and waited. 

I just received and email stating they did not find anything wrong with the wheel and that it may be the base and to send that in for them to take a look. 

This doesn’t make sense to me how the base could be the cause when the base works flawlessly with my other wheel - including the rev lights. 

Isn’t it more likely that the issue is with the ClubSport RS wheel than with my Base? Especially seeing as it’s been working with no issues on my other wheel

Does anyone with more knowledge on this have any option on this?

Thanks in advance.


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