F1 23 on xbox is bad

I've spent almost a month playing round with settings. Ive updated the drivers, even uninstalled and re installed them. Ive tried all the recommended settings and as others have said, it just feels dull and lifeless. 2520 sen is no way near aggressive enough. Means turning the wheel way too much to go around a slight bend. If I turn down game sensitivity It causes violent oscillations that make the game unplayable unless you add a steering deadzone (but who wants that).

All esports players, pc players and PlayStation players recommend 340 sensitivity which means you don't have to turn the wheel much for your car to react. But xbox players can't have this as its unplayable due to the oscillations it causes.

Auto sensitivity isn't even close to being aggressive enough.

I've tried so many combinations of settings, from max wheel damped to having a steering deadzone, trying different ff settings, tried changing from 'peak' to whatever the other options are on the wheel setting. I'm not satisfied with any of it.

It's pretty ridiculous I just spent over £1000 on an xbox toy and find out after I buy it that the oLED display on the wheel doesn't work with xbox. Then to top it off I can't play the only racing game I play due to the settings not working like they should, and do on other platforms.

'Xbox ready' yeah. Right... Good joke fanatec

I'm legit faster playing off my controller. I seen one guy saying he misses his g290. The settings reccomended for f1 23 by fanatec suck. And I really really regret spending as much as I did on this, as of now - peice of junk.

I've given up looking for settings that will work and just wanted to vent my thoughts here.

Thanks fanatec. Tshh


  • "'Xbox ready' yeah. Right... Good joke fanatec"

    It's not Fanatecs fault, it's Xbox fault. The Sensitivity issue is an issue in the Xbox GDK, which Fanatec workarounded in the latest Firmware where a SEN of 1080 (NOT 2520) should be sued on Xbox with in-game steering set to 360. This will give a 1:1 steering.

  • Not my message but just an example of what's being said in other forums :

    Hi there, this issue effects me and I have spent a lot of time investigating this further.

    Contrary to what Fanatec are claiming about it not being possible to get additional wheel functions on Xbox One working, i.e. because Microsoft are limiting inputs to that of a standard controller, I would like to tell you and anyone else effected IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET ADDITIONAL WHEEL INPUTS ABOVE THAT OF A STANDARD CONTROLLER AND REV LIGHT/ LEDS SUPPORTED ON XBOX ONE.

    Please see the linked Codemaster forum post for PROOF of additional buttons, dial and rev lights of Logitech G923 inputs (above that of a standard controller) working on Xbox. This is direct contradiction to the Fanatec statement, and there is no reason why Fanatec cannot achieve the same result.


    From what I understand, the issue is Fanatec’s, not Microsoft’s (as Fanatec are claiming) - my reasoning, information collected and video proof of G923 working is all in my post.

    In short, Fanatec need to develop a SDK to enable the addional inputs (buttons/ dials/ switches etc) and outputs (rev lights) on their wheels. It would appear they have not developed this SDK to enable these features.

    Please spread the message!

  • Ans I've tried every setting. Even 1080 doesn't feel aggressive enough. And if I turn down in game steering sensitivity the violent oscillations return.

    And from what I've read ion other forums s fanatec just say it's microsoft/xboxs fault. Easy way to shift the blame and make their customers shhh.

    And I still feel they could warn you that some functions don't work on the xbox. 'Xbox ready' seems like a bit of a stretch tbh.

  • Because it IS Microsoft fault regarding the SEN issue. It's an issue in ther official Xbox GDK which Microsoft needs to fix. Fanatec was kind enough to provide a quick workaround via firmware but it's not up to Fanatec to fix a Microsoft GDK issue.

  • It's like shouting into the wind, trying to fight this battle regarding lack of additional functionality. Fanatec claims it's Xbox's fault, Xbox claims it's Fanatec's fault.

    It's been like this for years and years, with absolutely zero tangible progress being made. Meanwhile, both Logitech and Thrustmaster seem to not have a problem getting additional inputs to work... and all Fanatec have to offer is a little disclaimer (which they certainly do not go out of their way to make people aware of) that "functionality on Xbox consoles is limited by the Xbox OS."

    I finally just gave up and switched to PC. It shouldn't have to be that way, but if gamers want full functionality of their hardware, that's pretty much their only option.

  • Honestly, I've been considering the same thing recently and switching to pc. Will my laughable 'xbox ready' set up of csl DD and mclaren gt3 wheel work on pc or will I need to buy new equipment?

    Also I kinda go straight for the good stuff and was wondering how much I'm going to have to spend on a pc that will run my games good, with high fps. I see graphic cards that are crazy amount of money but I think they may be over kill? But then I don't want a crap pc. So have no idea how much I should be looking to spend on a pc

  • I'm using the CSL DD 8Nm + McLaren GT3 V2 + original Clubsport V1 pedals, and it all works great on my PC. I don't have anywhere near a cutting-edge setup - older Xeon processor (3.5 GHz, either 6 or 8 core, I don't remember), 16GB RAM, RX 6600 graphics card, and a couple of mid-range SSDs.

    Most games, I'm able to run High settings and am able to get well over 60fps @ 1080p, often 100fps or more.

    You should be able to find a comparable setup for under $1000, I would imagine. The graphics card will be the big ticket item if you're looking to upgrade, but unless you're wanting to run triples at 4k or something crazy, you don't really need a whole lot of graphical muscle to run most of these games smoothly.

  • Alex HAlex H Member
    edited August 2023

    Thanks alot for your reply! Really good to know. I don't really care about graphics much. I'm way more bothered about fps. I mostly play shooting games like halo, gears of war. I play at a pretty high level and realised there's such an advantage with high frame rate. I use to be good while playing at 60fps then upgraded to series X (120fps) when it was released and couldn't believe how much easier it made my shooting games. The difference is crazy.

    I pretty much got the same set up as you, just different pedals. I'm deffo going to get a PC really soon. Good to hear your games run smooth and you didn't have to spend a stupid amount. Also very glad I can use my current wheel set up on a pc.

    Again thanks for the reply. You deffo just made my mind up on purchasing a pc within the next few weeks.

  • Happy to help. I know the frustration you're going through. Not to say that PC gaming isn't without its own set of frustrations, but at least you'll be able to use your peripherals the way they were intended.

    Also, fwiw, you might want to have a look at one or two of the bottleneck calculators available online. You input your computer's parts and specs, and it can tell you if the graphics card, cpu, ram, etc is what's likely to be the limiting factor performance-wise. Can be helpful in deciding what you want to upgrade.

  • before you get upset about Fanatec you should know that a lot of players have problems with F1 23, for some it is hardly playable or not playable at all and this concerns all manufacturers.

    We can only hope that a patch will finally be released that will make the game playable for everyone.

  • Yo continuo igual con mi fanatec csldd y volante McLaren, sigo sintiendo que en el paso por curva pierdo completamente la sensación .... Al final he decidido lidiar con las oscilaciones violentas y dejarlo en SEN 340 y en el juego 340 , en el único circuito que tengo que bajar la fuerza del volante por las oscilaciones es en Mónaco , supongo que por la alta carga aerodinámica, noto el volante más fuerte y mayor sensación , pero en el paso por curva rápido todo eso desaparece y siento que voy con un volante sin ff .... Al final me he acostumbrado y sigo siendo más lento que con mi g920 pero ya no tanto ... Estoy muy frustrado por mi compra , arrepentido no del todo por qué miro mi copit y el volante y se me pasa un poco , pero rezo por una solución lo antes posible , seguiré entrado si alguien da con una solución , yo solo puedo daros mi configuración por si a alguno le sirve .

    SEN 340


    Ffs peak

    Ndp 30

    Nfr 20

    En el juego

    Ff 80/70 depende del circuito, Mónaco 55 por qué es imposible con la oscilación





    Grado de giro 340

  • I have the same issues using a csl dd on xbox, it does not feel responsive enough. I have the wheel on SEN and in game steering at 300, but i dont get any steering lock on the wheel in that position it spins an extra 180-200 degrees. It worked better on 2520 on before I updated everything, which is very frustrating.

    I feel like fanatec has no real interest in fixing anything with xbox. You get the most bare bones experience on xbox, it works and you can drive thats about it. Now with their partnership with play station its only gonna get worse. The csl dd already has no real place compared to the GT dd which works on all platforms, it basically only exists for xbox and you get nothing. I cant even just get a playstation because i have a csl my only option is spending $1,000 so i can properly use the product i already spent $1,000 on.

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