Unable to order from Fanatec "An error occuredwhile processing your payment"


I just wanted to order a load cell pedal but everytime i try to checkout it just stops with that error:

I try to use Paypal.

Anyone else? The Error message is too general to see what the problem is.


  • once i had issue but that come from my bank because i had setting up very low payment limitation for online buy

  • Eis PfogelEis Pfogel Member
    edited August 7

    Nah i haven't done that. I also buy my Steam games and everything else using Paypal. That shouldn't be the issue.

    I guess i will contact the support now :)

  • I have the same issue, several tries since thursday. Also german shop using paypal.

  • Same issue while trying to order QR2 Bundle on Sept 26th around 3 AM (germany). Had to use bank transfer instead and since i´ve received a confirmation yesterday with the info that my order will be processed as soon as the producst are available, i guess it will be after Oct 20th.

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