Podium Button Modul Endurance is no longer detected

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Good morning

Since April 2022, I have :

  • The CSL DD 8Nm
  • Podium Hub
  • Podium button module endurance plugged on Podium Hub
  • Podium Advanced Paddle Module plugged on Podium Hub
  • Fanatec driver 451
  • Fanalab 1.99.03 Beta
  • All firmwares are up to date excepted Podium Advanced Paddle Module because not detedted

Everything was working correctly, but since last weekend, without explanation, the Endurance module is no longer recognized and no button works on it. Podium Advanced Paddle Module work well plugged on the same Podium hub.

The endurance module is powered since the analog screen displays a message about his firmware.

The malfunction appeared without reason, in full use and without any update

The module appears with the need for a firmware update in the Fanatec utility, and no longer appears in Fanalab.

Everything reinstalled, driver 451 and all firmware manually, excepted Endurance module who is failing

Nothing change

Thanks for your help


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