F1 23 clipping with GT DD Pro 8NM (on PS4)

I use the recommended settings by Fanatec for F1 23, which runs 100 wheel ffb and 65 in-game.

I find 65 to be too light, so when I tried to turn up the forces to 70 or above, I started clipping quite heavily which is not ideal of course. Does anyone have the same problem? I feel like a direct drive 8NM wheelbase should let me run over 65 in-game ffb.


  • You are confusing game signal clipping - where the amplitude is increased to such an extent that the everything above a given threshold ends up maxxed out, with base clipping -where the motor runs out of headroom to accurately reproduce peak forces. All game signals will clip above a certain threshold and this has nothing to do with the wheelbase being used.

  • Joe BosJoe Bos Member
    edited August 2023

    But project cars 2 and assetto corsa have way stronger ffb without clipping. Does this mean F1 23 just can't use 8nm without clipping or something?

  • i think someone comment somewhere that ffb are little different at consoles vs pc, it's like they are weaker at there

  • After some research it seems that F1 23 is just built like that, so I'm gonna report it as an issue to them and hope that they fix it. To me its more logical to have force feedback start clipping at above 100, but still have the option to go to 150 for lower end wheel users.

  • Good luck w EA/CM fixing it - they are still fighting major issues w Logi and TM wheels. Personally I find the FFB strength ok in F1 23 on DD Pro w the Formula wheel which is a bit smaller and lighter, but keeping in game low as possible will minimize any potential clipping. F1 23 uses the FOR setting for steering effects and FEI for road and curb effects. You can up FOR to 110 for more steering force

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