Xbox issues do other wheels work fine?

So I’m aware of the Mclaren wheel issue with the Xbox series X. Has anyone purchased the DD CDL with another wheel and does it work perfectly fine?

dod you have to update using a PC?

anyone just plugged it in with any wheel and not had an issue?

I have the Mclaren wheel with the DD CDL and CSL pedals on the way.

thank you.


  • Not sure exactly which issue you're referring to, but all Fanatec wheels will behave similarly on Xbox: no rev lights, no LED display, and only standard inputs (ABXY buttons, etc) supported, with any other inputs like toggle switches and dials either being a duplicate function that can't be remapped, or completely non-functional.

    And yes, before use, you should update the firmware of any wheel or other hardware you purchase, which can only be done via PC.

  • Thank you

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