"CSL Steering Wheel P1 V2"

Since the beginning of August I bought this steering wheel in a bundle but it makes an annoying plastic noise just by pushing lightly on the top and bottom. And no, it's not the shaft coupling. For this I use all the necessary tips regarding the slipping QR1lite. But the plastic noise remains. Anyone else experiencing this?


  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
    edited August 2023

    this is they standard click noise for they plastic quick release, i know where is the issue and they know too, but i have feeling they never fix this.

    you to can fix this self by add there something that it would stop move around. there is different tips at youtube how fix this.

    they to need be careful tho what they are doing because they are not anymore alone with direct drive at market

  • Yes, the plastic noise is due to ... plastic.

    The steering wheel is plastic and creaks with the classic plastic noise. I use it with metal QR1 so this adds metal clang as a bonus.

    However, despite the noise, I consider it a thousand times better than the WRC steering wheel, similar but with aluminum spokes, which I own, and which has become an ornament.

    It's a great steering wheel, round and just the right size, great grip. I find it even better than the McLaren V2.

  • QR1 aluminum one required for the DD1 and DD2 because that same click what you hear may kill your steering wheel self

  • Sound does not come from the QR1-lite this time...I was able to solve the slip & clicking sound with tape + an o-ring for this. But the annoying plastic noise remained and have now found where this sound is coming from.

    The steering wheel (has 3 spokes) is attached with 3 small screws at the back...If you loosen it up a bit, the sound disappears. The trick, of course, is to find the ideal tension between bending and stress noise.

    Anyway, I find the construction quality of this steering wheel, plastic in combination with rubber / leather poor. If you bend the steering wheel with both hands you will hear a lot of stress noise. This actually surprises me and I did not expect it before purchasing.

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