Setup questions of new user

I am putting together my first setup. I am interested in formula or open wheel and also Sports Car racing. Do I need 3 pedals if I am going to get the Podium Formula wheel and also do I need a side shifter setup at all? Is the clutch handled through the wheel on the Podium Formula Wheel? What else am I not considering because I am new at this? I have racing experience in SCCA in the S2000 class Sport Racer. Thanks for any and all help


  • Neil ReubenNeil Reuben Member
    edited August 2023

    Pedals - partly depends on your budget, but minimum suggestion is to get a load cell brake equipped set, so you’ll end up w a clutch if you get the CSL LC, Elite V2 or V3’s - the V2 is probably the best option from a performance meets value.

    The Formula wheel with the Advanced Paddle module will have clutch paddles on the wheel, but how well or if they are supported depends on platform or sim you will be racing in - so may be a budget consideration as well. Basic paddle shifters on the wheel have it pretty well covered, but magnetic options are nicer. Sims that can recognize the clutch pedal would also recognize the wheel’s clutch paddles if equipped.

    Side shifter is totally about how much immersion you might want - if you enjoy using the stick, then get one, but if the cars you are racing don’t have one, then shift paddles on the wheel have you covered

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