F1 2023 No Throttle Control at Race Starts, F1 World, Career

Has anyone experienced this?

At start of race, when I initiate throttle in 1st gear, the car is immediately at full throttle.

There is no gradual acceleration.

If I try to upshift it is already at full throttle. There is no gradual acceleration.

Car just ends up spinning out of control.

Lifting off the throttle does not prevent this. 

It is either FULL throttle or NO throttle


  • What driver version do you have installed? With older versions, analog inputs such as gas and clutch would instantly jump to 100% when any input at all was received for the first time after the base was booted up. After they were released, they would then behave normally when depressed again. I believe this was fixed with newer drivers.

    You can clearly see if this is what's happening by testing your inputs with the Fanatec CP before launching the game.

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