UniHub v2 only 10 buttons instead of 12 due to shifters?!


I finally got around ordering a UniHub v2 with the R300 rim and after putting it together, I went into ACC and found out that 2 of the buttons are mapped to 5 & 6, which are the shifters.

Looking into the manual, that's correct. Sadly, I really need 12 buttons. Not even changing one cluster to the extra port would give me 12 buttons. Only 11.

Is this planned by Fanatec? Essentially, without looking into the manual first, it's very misleading and the v1 UniHub had full 12 buttons!

I guess there's no way to change this in the Fanatec control panel or so? I'll need to send it back and get a refund if I can't change this :(




  • I guess no one knows and Fanatec doesn't care?

    Anyway, I've sent the wheel back and switched over to Moza.

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