Rally button module

So, what is happening with the Podium rally button module that was announced way back last year? No news at all.. Is this the same vaporware as the QR2?


"More details about availability and pricing to follow during the year."


  • Both are pretty clearly not happening, along with the Bentley wheel. Time to change brands. It does not take 3 years to produce a wheel or a QR, no matter the excuse.

  • Honestly i was really excited for the rally button module since it had everything i wanted in a setup that isnt huge/weird like the porsche one

    And being a module i could just add it to my wheel whenever i wanted

    Sure does seem like everything fanatec announces is just vaporware though

  • I'm an eternal optimist, so my guess is the Rally Module will arrive in time for the new EA Sports WRC game release November 3 😀

  • +1 waiting eagerly for the rally button module. If it does not release in winter 23-24, I shall be getting a different solution for my rally needs.

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