CSL DD/DD Pro shaft and stem interface slop solution



  • Have you tried inserting a few turns of Teflon tape over the USB hub before inserting it into the shaft?

    This problem is less common than you might think. Almost all CSL DD and GT DD Pro owners have never suffered from it.

  • so i to find this image at google,

    and first thing what pop my mind is , what if i add the yellow area the extra metal sheet for make as ecual pressure

  • Good idea. I just looked at a couple of torque wrenches on Amazon, and they aren't pricy at all. I have been going by feeling how much thread is poking out the bottom of the stock collar, and it worked fine so far. Granted there is probably a lot of variation in how much torque is applied on the collar, but looking at the gap and how much of the bolt is poking out of the collar, it looks close to where it started. Having an accurate way of applying the required torque is a lot better than guessing, no matter what my method. Thanks.

  • Anyone knows the exact dimensions of the stock clamp ring of the csl dd?

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