fanalab tutorial

is there a video anywhere with a walkthrough for the current software? ive honestly never used it because i didn't understand everything about it. is it more helpful with dd1 and dd2 or can it help with the csl dd? just curious if i am missing something by not using it.


  • Fanalabs lets you have more than 5 profiles - so you can customise ffb/leds/OLED not only per game, but per car if you wish.

    Makes it easier to remember than which wheelbase setting is for which game...

    Plus using Maurices profiles, the LEDS work brilliantly. And if you use a DD1/DD2 the FFB profiles are a godsend.

  • so maurice only has profiles for the poduim wheelbases? is there anyone out there that makes profiles for the csl dd as well or no? also when you update fanalab does it erase your old profiles or does it keep them?

  • Not sure if anyone does the profiles for the CSL DD. The recommended settings on this forum (and from fanalab) are usually pretty good.

    And no, you can update fanalab and all your profiles are safe - unless you completely uninstall Fanalab and remove all the directories associated with it

  • well i guess i don't have to worry about it now, i just picked up a DD2 yesterday! loving it so far

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