Lost attachments

Well this should wake up the "haters" in the group.

I'm new to sim racing. I purchased the bundle deal that Fanatec had months ago. Got sick and I lost the attachments. All of them. I've tried to see if there was a kit as I had purchased also a wheel base from Next Level Racing to attach it to.

I am just starting this adventure in trying to find everything I need now that I am up and about. Is there a kind soul that has a list that is available that I can run into the hardware store and purchase. The shiny Tbolts/nuts that go at the bottom of the cls dd, I did find one and it has grown legs and has disappeared. I used to say the dog ate my homework so possibly he needed more chrome in his diet. Appreciate any help that is available.


  • If you mean bolts etc that attach the wheelbase etc to a rig, then you havent lost them - Fanatec doesnt supply any as everyones needs will be different.

    Go have a look at the manuals for your wheelbase/pedals etc - that will tell you what bolts you need to buy.

  • If you are referring to these, they can be found at hardware stores, even Amazon. I'm not English, I think they're called T-nuts.

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