Clubsport pedals V3 inverted - Brake pedal stuck to vibrating at all times

So iv owned these for one and half months, and they worked perfectly so far. I havent used vibration on these pedals, but all of sudden today when i started my pc and wheel, my brake pedal was vibrating immidiatly. I couldn't get it off, or find any reason why its doing it. I am not even in game, just started the wheel on desktop. I have tryed playing with it, but makes no difference to the vibration.

Any clue how to fix it? I tryed to restart pc few times and checked the cables. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Yesterday evening there was no issue when playing.

I would send support ticket, but i have receipt for these at different address, where i cant get them for now.


CSL DD - 8nm

Clubsport Steering wheel BMW

Clubsport pedals V3 inverted.

Clubsport shifter SQ V 1.5

Clubsport handbrake V1.5

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