order shipped but no ups number

My order is "shipped" since the 8th but no tacking number, and i send two mails and no response, wtf fanatec , my order was made the 22 th of august !!

Respond plz!!!!


  • Welcome, +1

    My order was completely shipped 6th of sep... And you kill all my hope hehe

    Fanatec never answer you, their are on hawai spending our money...

  • i think so ^^

  • Good luck!

    Hopefully when you receive your order it isn't defective and thus stuck with an inoperable piece of hardware. Oh, and if this does happen, good luck trying to get customer support.

    Fanatec...any response is better than no response.

    If you can, cancel your order now!

  • Anche io ho ricevuto la mail di scuse da parte di Fanatec...

    Dear Patrizio,

    Thanks for reaching out to Fanatec!

    We are very sorry your order is affected by a processing backlog and would like to provide you with context on the situation. Within the scope of providing better service and more options for our customers, we have transitioned to a new EU warehouse. Despite our best efforts and extensive preparation on our end, this change has had more hiccups than we could have expected. One aspect of this includes incorrect updates on the shipping status, which is why you do not have a tracking number yet.

    Rest assured, things are moving forward. We have added additional staff to handle the workload and it is our primary goal to get your purchase out to you as soon as possible. Once your order has left our warehouse, the tracking number will be uploaded to your order in your Fanatec account and you can track the delivery progress via UPS directly.

    We greatly appreciate your continued patience!

    Best regards / Freundliche Grüße


  • Ordered on September 6th, and received the fanatec email saying "completely shipped"... I hope to find home delivery, as happened to my Italian compatriot.

  • Hi, all i have order and payed by Paypal, after a few days i receive an email from Fanatec saying i did not pay, i contact Paypal , and they inform me the payment was made to endor, i not possible to reach Fanatec by phone, i have sent several emails ti Fanatec without reply, can anyone help me?

  • Another apology email from Fanatec arrived today.


    Dear customer,

    We’d like to check in with you regarding the current shipping delays. Many of you have reached out to us for an update, and we fully appreciate that you are dissatisfied with the processing speed and limited transparency on the status of your order.

    Why is there a delay?

    We recently transitioned to a different warehouse with a new logistics partner. Despite the great effort invested by both sides in preparing the launch, there was no indication that the change would be accompanied by the issues we are currently dealing with.

    What is Fanatec doing to improve the situation?

    As we have already shared with some of you, our teams are working overtime to address the underlying issues, and additional staff has been hired to handle the backlog.

    When will I get my tracking number?

    Our logistics partner provides us with tracking information. It is uploaded simultaneously to your Fanatec account and to our systems. For this reason, we kindly ask that you only reach out to us if you have questions on other matters, as we do not receive tracking data before you do.

    It goes without saying that we are sorry you are affected by the present challenges; for this we would like to sincerely apologise. We hope you bear with us a little longer, we expect the situation to improve soon.

    Thank you,

    Team Fanatec



    Endor AG

    E.ON-Allee 3, D - 84036 Landshut, Germany

    Web: www.endor.ag | www.fanatec.com

    Registered office Landshut - Commercial Register Landshut HRB 5487

    Management Board: Thomas Jackermeier (Chairman), András Semsey

    Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Andreas Potthoff


    Lieber Kunde,

    wir möchten uns bei Ihnen bezüglich der aktuellen Lieferverzögerungen melden. Viele von Ihnen haben sich mit der Bitte um ein Update an uns gewandt, und wir haben volles Verständnis dafür, dass Sie mit der Bearbeitungsgeschwindigkeit und der begrenzten Transparenz über den Status Ihrer Bestellung unzufrieden sind.

    Warum gibt es eine Verzögerung?

    Wir haben vor kurzem zu einem anderen Lager mit einem neuen Logistikpartner gewechselt. Trotz intensiver Vorbereitung durch die beteiligten Partner, gab es keine Anzeichen dafür, dass der Wechsel mit den Herausforderungen einhergehen würde, mit denen wir derzeit zu kämpfen haben.

    Was unternimmt Fanatec, um die Situation zu verbessern?

    Wie wir bereits einigen von Ihnen mitgeteilt haben, machen unsere Teams Überstunden, um die zugrundeliegenden Probleme zu lösen, und es wurden zusätzliche Mitarbeiter eingestellt, um den Rückstand abzuarbeiten.

    Wann erhalte ich meine Sendungsverfolgungsnummer?

    Unser Logistikpartner stellt uns die Sendungsverfolgungsdaten zur Verfügung. Sie werden gleichzeitig in Ihr Fanatec-Konto und in unsere Systeme hochgeladen. Wir bitten Sie daher, sich nur bei Fragen zu anderen Themen an uns zu wenden, da wir die Tracking-Informationen nicht vor Ihnen erhalten.

    Es tut uns natürlich leid, dass Sie von den aktuellen Herausforderungen betroffen sind; dafür möchten wir uns aufrichtig entschuldigen. Wir hoffen, dass Sie noch ein wenig Geduld mit uns haben, denn wir gehen davon aus, dass sich die Situation bald bessern wird.

    Vielen Dank,

    Team Fanatec



  • thx, and thank you for response, a little compensation will be welcome ^^

    have a nice day

  • edited September 2023

    Yes wait for your compensation... A photo with out Tshirt from fanatec ceos... More ego impossible.

    Our logistics partner provides us with tracking information. It is uploaded simultaneously to your Fanatec account and to our systems. For this reason, we kindly ask that you only reach out to us if you have questions on other matters, as we do not receive tracking data before you do.

    Their said the order was sent and the issue is on the track number. But not true, nothing was be sent. And if they not sent nothing, you can cancel the order. But we can not cancel it. (RECTIFICATION: I RECIVE THE TRACK NUMBER TO DAY; THEY SENT IT YESTERDAY 17.00pm)

    For this razon, to day I go to the consumer asociation, to report fanatec.

    European shop need attache the law...

    Get luck and regards

  • JamesJames Member, Administrator

    Thank you for your feedback, Julien. We apologize for the delay and that you’re still waiting for your order to be delivered. You’ll receive an email notification alongside tracking information from the shipping provider that will also be put in your customer account on our website once your order is ready to be shipped. Please currently ignore the “completely shipped” status. We are aware that response times of our Customer Care team are currently taking up longer than usual due to these logistical delays. We’re working intensively with our logistics partner to process the delivery of your order as quickly as possible.

    Your Fanatec Team

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