HELP - Buying New Wheel for WRC Advise


I want to buy the best available wheel for rallying. I already have a Podium setup with QR and the Podium Shifters, However, out of 3 wheels, I still do not have a fully round wheel. I am getting ready for the new WRC game so...

What is the best available wheel (fully round) which will be compatible with the new Rally button module which Fanatec has been showing for a while now to be released soon? I also do not want to cheap out.

Any suggestions?


  • Podium hub with any real round rally steering wheel, Sparco type.

    You'll just need a button for the windshield wipers - current cars use a paddle behind the steering wheel, similar to a gear shifter to activate them - and maybe one for the headlights. And two more buttons to recover the car and to change the tires.

    So I would say a button cluster pack that contains 2 groups of 3 buttons for the Podium Hub.

    The current WRC1s have a sequential stick shift, so you will have to buy a USB sequential shifter separately if you don't already have one.

    The old WRCs had a single fixed lever behind the steering wheel, push & pull, which you can buy separately as a USB peripheral produced not by Fanatec, and which screws onto the wheelbase. I guess you can do without and use a normal paddle shift module, or just always use the stick shifter.

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