Some DD2 OLED Telemetry ACC doesn't match in-game

Hello, I have been using Fanalab for years with no issues with TCS/ABS and Brake Bias in ACC and iRacing matching up with the ITM OLED display on my base.

However, with a brand new PC, something isn't set correctly as everything EXCEPT Brake Bias matches. The OLED Brake Bias on the wheel base is now 5 higher than what it is in-game. Example, if the car is at 55 BB, the OLED says 60. ABS and TCS etc are all correct, so most of it is working.

Any ideas of why this is happening?

Thank you


  • This is caused by you using an outdated FanaLab Version where the BB values for the 2023 cars were not implemented yet and therefore show wrong values.

    Simply install the latest FanaLab Version v1.99.05 and all the BB values will show correct.

  • Thank you. I could have sworn that I checked for Updates in the Fanalab software, it said I was using the current version.

    IRACING gave me a similar issue previously when BB was working for ACC. Would that have been the same problem, I assume?

  • iRacing does not need special values implemented into FanaLab, so no, thats not related.

    FanaLab v1.99.05 is currently beta, therefore the update option within FanaLab itself showed that there is no update available because it only checks for official versions.

    However, the last official version was released before ACC released the 2023 cars so that version just cant have the new 2023 cars implemented with their correct BB values, so you need to use the beta version to get the correct BB value.

    It will leave Beta and gets an offcial release later this month.

  • Thank you for the reply. 100% this was working with the 2023 cars two weeks ago with my previous PC, I did not use the beta driver at the time.

  • edited September 2023

    Without the Beta FanaLab (not driver!) version it is impossible that the Brake Bias values showed correct for the 2023 cars. Maybe you drove a different car and not one of the newly released 2023 DLC cars where the BB offset was implemented of course already in older FanaLab versions and today you tried one of the new cars where the BB offset just cant be implemented in the old official FanaLab version version, so its technically impossible that the BB was correct in the 2023 cars two weeks ago with the old FanaLab version.

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