CSL Elite Firmware Update Help

I have a CLS Elite PS4 Edition that I used for years with my PS4. I always had a Mac computer, so no easy way to update the firmware on my wheel. This means my wheel base is on 476 and the motor is 18. Current versions are 692 and 22, respectively.

I am running into an issue where launching the firmware updater and pressing the update button freeze the app. When I try manual update, I get the "please wait" screen. I've read in other threads suggestions to install an older driver version and attempt an "incremental" upgrade to a firmware that is newer, but not current.

However, I cannot find a listing of older driver versions that correlate to my wheel firmware version. Can anyone give me a hint how far back I need to go? I have driver version 451 installed currently. I barely got my CSL Elite wheel working with my new computer (Asus ROG Strix B650E-F Gaming WiFi mobo). I have to plug the wheel into the USB 3.0 front panel port in order for the wheel base to appear in the Fanatec Control Panel. I suspect this is a combination of old hardware and old firmware.

Any hints would be really appreciated.

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