The serial number for my CSL GT DD Pro won't work and I need it to send my wheel back under warranty


I have had a Fanatec CSL GT DD Pro since November last year and recently it's started to have heaps of issues and I need to send it back for a new one that isn't broken while I still have warranty. But when I went to put the serial number into Fanatec's website from the bottom of the wheel base it just said "Article Not Found". If anyone knows how to fix this problem could you please help me as Fanatec aren't responding to my email and there is only about a month and a half left on my warranty.


  • I am having this very same problem. That lack of communication from my attempts with fanatec about this is really putting me off. I managed to enjoy my GT DD Pro for a mere few hours until my base ended up burning itself out. Did you ever find a fix to your problem?

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