CSL Elite(PS) Crashing + Switching Modes During Driving

CSL Elite + Formula V2 + CSL Elite LC

Tested in Forza on Xbox Series X - Works for about a minute before wheelbase crashes or switches modes

Tested in Automobilista 2 on PC - Able to adjust settings and assign controls, but as soon as out on track wheelbase crashes, switching modes - Fanalab doesn't read the wheelbase or wheel when this crash occurs.

Firmware? - It's all updated, wheelbase, wheel, and pedals. The switching modes this is weird and suggests to me firmware problem, but maybe the below issues would also cause that, not sure.

USB? - I used to run it through extension cables but am now going straight from base to console/PC. Maybe the output from the USB is a bit janky and crashing it, or the cable itself needs replacement, not sure. Ordering a new cable is a troubleshooting cost.

Power? - I've had suspicions about the power in my house in the past, but haven't had issues with devices recently. I'm not sure if inconsistent power could be causing it. Getting an electrician to do an electrical investigation on my house is a troubleshooting cost, but maybe one worthwhile in general.

Anyone with similar issues that can point me in the right direction to figure this one out?


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    • Uninstalled most recent Fanatec Driver package(451) and installed older version - the only older version I found in the forums(447)
    • Flashed the wheelbase(hold power 8 seconds) according to instructions in another post to downgrade the wheelbase firmware
    • Updated the Driver package back to 451 and updated the wheelbase as per regular prompts
    • Issue with switching modes seems to have stopped, but on first try still crashed
    • Unraveled the USB cable from the base and made sure there was no tension at the output from the wheelbase as it does feel flimsy at this connection
    • Tested on both AMS2 and FM7 for about 20 minutes each, and so far NO ISSUES

    Whether this issue is a firmware issue or a USB issue or both, I can't say for sure(I think both), but it's working currently. I'll update the same thread if any problems persist.

    I do remember reading a long time ago in a forum that the USB connection on the back of the Elite has to be treated with care, and I do suspect the way my cables have been wrapped neatly was putting slight tension on that output, barely at all, but enough to cause glitches.

  • Sounds like you're trying the right things so far, trying to narrow down what it could be. In addition to the new USB cable, you could try swapping the ports on the console/PC you're plugging it into. Probably won't make a difference, but worth a shot. You mention the possibility of power issues: if you haven't already, I'd look into getting some sort of Uninterruptible Power Supply. They can be a bit expensive depending on the capabilities you want, but I consider it a sound investment in protecting your equipment even if it winds up not solving your problem. 

    One other thing that I might try is buying some ferrite cores and attaching them to your cables, specifically your USB cables. This sounds like it could possibly be caused by EMI. These small amounts of current can build up in our rigs and if the equipment is not properly grounded or at least isolated from each other, all kinds of strange behavior can occur. The ferrite cores likely won't 100% solve your issue, (you may need to attach several to see a difference) but if they reduce how often the problem occurs, then you know you're on the right track. 

    There is some good info toward the end of this thread regarding how to go about isolating or grounding your rig:


    Good luck! 

  • Hi there,

    would you mind to share link for driver 447

    My Clubesport steering wheel would not update to firmware in 451 enviroment. So i am trying to downgrade to 447 that maybe going to help with my wheel.


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