Universal Hub V2 buttons on DD Pro in Gran Turismo 7

Hello guys,

Still trying to understand the functions of this device, for me seems a waste that the buttons are duplicated on the hub top buttons and on the wheel, or did I miss something and you can set the buttons on wheel separately from the Hub?

I am mainly playing on PS5 and see that the pad shifter are using L1 and R1 and repeated again on the wheel which is completely non-sense, you basically loose 2 buttons function on the wheel. Also the funky switch seems not possible to be set on game page.

I found several posts about this but quite old, so I am checking if there any updates or a link/information where I could find some guidance and detailed info?

Atm, seems to have been a very wrong choice for whom is playing PS.

Any feedback appreciated. thanks

Additionally, the Press button on the funky switch(14) is not working as X as mentioned in the manual but as PS button

PS: all firmware updates done


  • The buttons on top of the hub are duplicates - no matter what system youre using. Its just the way its been build.

    The main use should be the wheel buttons, not the ones on top. I assume they are there in case you dont want to use all the button clusters and still have access to the buttons if needed.

    And why is it the wrong choice? What were you wanting out of your wheel?

  • Hi Darren, thanks for your reply.

    yes, I see that, which I believe you can agree, it doesn´t make sense to have that duplicated inputs, who is going to use that? buttons 11 and 12 repeated on clusters and paddle shifters, no sense at all. anyhow it is how it is, this is why I don't recommend buying this configuration, it is useless IMO specially on PS users. GT7 completely useless the funky switch, which could be brilliant if working correctly.

    PS: Funky switch info updated on the new manual to PS button function and not "X"

  • but its not 'duplicate inputs'. They are dedicated buttons - like a controller.

    The hub allows you to use button clusters. Or not - up to you.

    If you dont want any buttons on the wheel (for drifting etc), how do you access menus etc without using a 2nd controller/pad etc.

    Its how its made. There is nothing advertising the fact that there are 30 useable buttons.

    And if thats the only reason for not recommending buying it, then thats your misconception.

    The hub allows you to use ANY wheel (not fanatec) you want to on a fanatec wheelbase. And have as many/little buttons as you want while still having access to FFB and the settings menu.

  • Thank you Darren. Understood it better now. Still think there is space for improvement for this hub as I believe it would be just some soft programming needed, hardware is there. just my opinion

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