ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5 - Been waiting 2 weeks to start repair process

Keith GamazonKeith Gamazon Member
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Does Fanatec seriously not care about their customers at all? I've opened an RMA ticket for my F1 V2 wheel that has a broken switch over 10 days ago. My wheel is currently still in warranty till the beginning of November I've had someone reply back within the first 12 hours of opening the repair inquiry asking for a video of the wheel and then starting the process. I've replied with a video and have waited for over a week. Replying several times in between as I've heard the response times are usually within 48 hours. This is getting ridiculous how do you guys not care about the customers that have bought so many products from you guys that you don't even bother to respond. Has anyone else had this issue trying to get repairs done?


  • Yes, this is normal for Fanatec and has been their standard operating procedure for a long time. They will eventually respond but have made insufficient investment in support to provide anything beyond a minimal viable level of customer care.

  • At this point my Warranty for my wheel will be over before they actually get back to me..

  • Your warranty will still be valid, you wrote to them when the wheel was covered by warranty, it's their fault if they took a lot of time to reply, this is the law.

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