Can someone point me to a GUIDE for understanding how to setup PIT STOPS in A2?

  1. Pit stop refueling allowed = Yes or NO
  2. Mandatory Pit stop Min Tyres....... How many TIRES per Stop? or How many tire SETS? .... i'm not sure....... I set the parameter at 3 Tyres thinking if I stop for 4 tyres... I'm Good. *Evidently: not. ????
  3. "At the Track" I can setup and EDIT PIT STRATEGY.... How much Gas? How many Tyres? Which compounds....etc...
  4. HOWEVER - What I do NOT understand is HOW to establish WHEN I will come in for a Pit Stop. I tried REQUESTING a Pit Stop and coming to have all 4 tires changed and I went back out on about the 9th lap.... on lap 14 (of a 15 lap race) I get a Message Board stating I MUST come in for a MANDATORY PIT STOP. (I ALREADY had did a stop for the "mandatory pit stop") ... so OK.... I'm in 1st place on Lap 14 but the Message Board states I must come in ... I do and I get 4 MORE new tires.... and as I leave I get the Message that I have been DISQUALIFIED FOR DISOBEYIG PIT RULES..... WTF?

So, can someone tell me HOW I can establish WHEN (on what LAP) I wish to make a "mandatory pit stop" in A2?

And does the MANDATORY PIT STOP MIN TYRES actually mean the minimum tires required in order to meet the minimums .... in other words.... if I state the MIN TYRES to be 3.... that means I can get by with 3 or 4 new tires - BUT 2 or less and I do NOT make the minimum. Right?

I don't understand how the Pit Stops work in A2....



  • CORRECTION --- THIS is the CORRECT Screenshot for the race I was Disqualified for "making two pit stops" when only one was required?

  • .

    Once you drive the wheels off..... it rides really smooth!!!!

    BTW - I won that race.


    NOW to the original ISSUE POST -------> NEVER MIND!

    I've found my answers at the University of YouTube.... Again! Why do I even bother to post here?

    Good luck to all - happy racing - and hope to race against you - or with you on a Team ------- Soon.


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