F1 23 With Buttkicker

I am playing F1 23 on PC, DD1, Formula V2.5x wheel. All Fanalab updates and new drivers installed. I have Telemetry and Hardware support enabled and Fanatec LED turned off in game. With this configuration I get all telemetry to base and wheel, however I get no signal to my Buttkicker. Buttkicker is connected via USB, not as a speaker. I have game and Fanalab UDP port set to 20888. If I disable the Telemetry in Fanalab the Buttkicker works, so I think there is a port conflict. I'd appreciate any suggestions you have used to get both telemetry data to base and wheel and to run a Buttkicker or similar device. Thanks in advance for the help.


  • Hello Eric,

    Despite I am using the speakers, I had the same problem. Here is my working procedure :

    1. Start Fanalab, enable telemetry and choose port 20888
    2. Start Simhub, enable telemetry on port 20777 and forward to 20888
    3. Autoconfigure the game from simhub
    4. Launch the game

    I hope it helps


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