Your opinions between GT3 V2 and Formula v2.5

Good morning !

What choice would you make between the McLaren GT3 V2 and the Formula V2.5? Knowing that in terms of price there is only 90 euros difference counting the additional QR1 for the GT3 V2?

I mainly drive GT cars!

Thank you in advance for your advice...


  • If you mainly drive GT cars, then go for the GT wheel :)

    I've had both, and persnally I find the Formula wheel too small for anything else than open wheelers. The GT wheel size is a better compromise if you only want one wheel.

  • I have had both wheels, and I agree with Torstein. The Formula wheel works great for forumula cars, but it just doesn't feel right on bigget GT cars.

    The McLaren is clearly worse with it's plastic construction, nothing about it is on the level as the FormulaV2.5. That said Fanatec doesn't really have an alternative until you get to the M4 GT3 wheel, and that's just silly money.

    You could consider building something up from the CS hub and select a wheel that's kind of GT like. Fanatec really needs a modern Clubsport GT wheel. It's a big gap in their lineup.

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