Steering weel CLS elite Mclaren gt3 V2, paddle upgrade


i would buy the Mclaren gt3 to use with Gt dd pro (with ps5) from fanatec web site it should be compatible, right ?

then i would upgrade it with a magnetic paddle, bcs i saw some yt video where the original paddle has been change with the magnetic paddle bcs original are very loud...

but i can't fid any magnetic paddle for this weel on fanatec shop.

anyone could help me ?



  • Not possible. The McLaren GT3 V2 wheel is not compatible with Fanatec's own magnetic shifter module. You'd need to go with a 3rd party option such as this:

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    hm Mclaren gt3 have totally different magnetic paddles, why you even bother?

    if its really loud then add some tape between magnet then

  • also is this kind off joke really?

    if you want turn your steering wheel same like formula v2.5 then better buy that one instead, it have rev lights and allot more buttons

  • The magnetic paddle is much louder than the stock one. That's exactly the point of assembling a magnetic mod is to have a more solid and noisy shifting feeling. The McLaren v2 steering wheel shifter is only vaguely noisy, being magnetic, but much quieter than that of an external mod.

  • i fonder if some even know what advance this Mclaren steering wheel have, you can shift up and down with one hand while with other hand you can drink coffee, at-least that what i todo with my sf1000 as that have same shifter

  • Not a joke at all. Some people (like myself, for instance) don't want the distraction of rev lights on our wheels. Plus, the McLaren wheel already has analog paddles built-in. To get analog paddles with the Clubsport Formula v2.5, you'd need to spend another $180 for the Advanced Paddle Module, bringing its total cost to $520. The McLaren plus the SimShifterz mod comes in at a touch over 300, depending on shipping and where you live. The price difference does become less though, when you consider the Formula wheel comes with a metal QR while the McLaren ships with the plastic one by default. But even if you shell out $100 for a (metal) QR2 wheel-side, you're still coming in significantly cheaper.

    The McLaren is also a bit bigger (300mm vs 270), which I find to be a more appealing and versatile size. Sure you're not getting a few thumb encoders and other buttons that the Formula wheel has, but I still find it to have plenty of inputs for most games. It may not be able to do *everything* the Formula wheel can, but it gets you probably 90% of the way there, for considerably less money, modded or straight out of the box.

  • I've heard the opposite regarding the loudness of the shifting, actually. Even if these replacement shifters are of similar loudness though, the biggest issue for me with the McLaren's default rocker shifter is the effort needed to pull it. I like to be able to use one finger, and with the rocker shifter, I need to use two. And it's not just a simple flick, either... it requires a rather deliberate squeeze. It's still easily done, but the extra effort does add up and especially in longer races of more than 40 minutes or so, I can really start to feel the hand fatigue setting in.

    And yes, technically you *can* shift up or down with one hand due to the nature of the single bar... but in practice it's not that easy. Mainly due to the effort involved, but also you're pushing with the back of your fingers against somewhat angular metal... it's actually rather uncomfortable and I wouldn't recommend it if you're not wearing gloves.

    For the record, I don't own the SimShifterz mod, but if it is true that they require less effort to pull, I may consider them at some point. I'd be willing to sacrifice an occasional one-handed shift for an overall easier experience.

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    i not have that mclaren steering wheel, but accounting what you say then that mechanism what they use for this are bad, because the whole point off this is that you could use that with one hand aswell

  • Yes, it's true, the shifter is really very hard. Personally I put an adhesive rubber on the back so I can change by pushing with my fingers, even if I use gloves. But I never do it because it's really annoying. Also if you play RF2, to put the gearbox in neutral, you have to press both shift paddles, which is impossible with the McLaren. There is a dedicated button, but it is much slower.

    But, at least mine, it's not very noisy. I have a SimMakerZ shifter on the WRC wheel, and it's infinitely louder. It's not something I would use in the evening in a condo, the noise even comes through my headphones.

  • My McLaren V2 wheel paddle shifters are not loud, but the feel is not satisfying, it’s a dull rubber thud. And VERY stiff to pull, I measured the force required at the center of the paddle at 2 pounds 6 ounces, or 1.08 kg. So I'm not going to be using them, I'm installing the 3DRAP magnetic shifters. So another ~100 $/€, still less than one of the other 3 formula style wheels with the advanced paddle module to get clutch paddles.

  • Please do let us know how your installation goes. I'm interested in this 3DRAP mod, as it looks to be a bit cheaper than the one I linked to above. The only thing that has me worried is that, unlike the SimShifterZ, judging from the pictures on their site, it looks like the 3DRAP paddles extend beyond the length of the analog paddles by at least a good half inch or so. I'm worried that would make shifting a bit awkward, going from gripping the wheel to then reaching out and around the edge of the paddle to pull it.

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    I would not buy the 3DRAP shifters, I would buy the SimShifterZ.

    I received the 3DRAP shifters and mounted them - I can't actually use them driving yet - no DD, as I'm a month on waiting for my DD order, still nothing, just hoping now to get it as a Christmas present!

    I opted for the €90 carbon fiber version as I thought the paddles would be carbon - they're not, instead of the flat parts of the box being made of ABS, the pieces are carbon, the paddles are still 3D printed. I found that they have to be, as the actuator boxes are so big, if you tried to use the short paddles coming out of the actuator, they are too far away from the wheel to be comfortable, so the 3D paddle tips are offset closer to the wheel.

    The carbon parts the boxes make of use a tab and slot construction method - but the assembler did not file the edges of the tabs 90 degrees, the tabs are cut rounded, so they won't insert all the way into the slots, so for the entire box, all the pieces are not 90 degrees square to each other, they just tightened down all the bolts anyway. Looks bad, but doesn't seem to affect the action.

    The paddles are adjustable in and out, but as you see in your picture they are all the way in, and still extend out about 18mm farther than the clutch paddles. I was thinking about maybe making my own shorter carbon paddles, but they would be too far back away from the wheel.

    The action of the paddles feels and sounds good, still pretty stiff resistance, I measured 26oz/0.74kg compared to 38oz/1.08kg for the stock paddles. It would be very easy to replace the stock torsion springs for more or less resistance.

    The mounts to the QR bolts are 3D printed, unlike the SimShifterZ carbon plate mounts, so if you keep pulling after the paddle stops moving, they flex another 2-3mm toward the wheel.

    Whenever I get a DD I'll try them in action, but I suspect I will be getting the SimShifterZ paddles in the end.

  • Excellent info! Thank you, Steven. I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on the SimShifterZ as well, if you do indeed decide to go with them.

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    After a month of waiting, I'm giving up on Fanatec, I canceled my DD order, and they changed my QR2 order to "Completely Shipped" just as I got on the webpage to cancel that order, even though they had not picked the order yet, and not even created a Fedex label yet. Of course they are ignoring my message to cancel the order, proceeding to create the shipping label, but still have not given the parcel to Fedex. I've had to create a dispute with PayPal to request refund, and I'll have to refuse the Fedex shipment, QR2s are useless with no DD!

    The only thing I was able to get from Fanatec was the McLaren wheel, guess I'll have to sell it with the paddle mod.

  • That's a shame, but totally understandable that you don't want to wait any longer. Are you not able to remove the paddle mod and go back to the original shifting mechanism?

  • Yes, I'll put the original shifter back on, simple as I didn't wire it, just mounted them to try the action. I'll have to sell it, too late to return to Fanatec, I'll include the 3DRAP shifters.

  • Makes sense. Too bad you didn't buy the SimShifterz paddles first, or I'd be tempted to make you an offer for them.

    Well anyway, thanks for sharing your insight and I hope you have better luck with whatever manufacturer you choose over Fanatec. (It can't really get a whole lot worse, so I suppose at least there's that!)

    BTW, I swear to God I hate this comment system so much, I've been trying at least 4 or 5 times now to post a comment and it keeps disappearing. Yet another thing that Fanatec need to work on improving. 🙄

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