CSL DD - F1 2021 - Xbox Series X - Wheel shaking when Force Feedback is on

Hello everyone,

when playing F1 2021 my CSL DD wheelbase is shaking heavily from left to right very fast when Force Feedback is on. As soon as I turn it off, the shaking stops. The more Force Feedback, the crazier the vibration. I reached out to Fanatec. They say that it could be a game specific bug. I also read that other people experienced the same problem and the solution was to either increase or decrease the Sensitivy degree. But this doesn't work for me. I would be very happy if someone could help me.

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  • For this game you have to set SEN to 2520 to not get oscillations.

    Also there is a general NFR related Bug which also causes oscillations, therefore it is recommended to not use NFR atm.

  • Hello Maurice,

    thank you for your quick answer. SEN is already set to 2520 and Nat.Fri. is OFF. Still got oscillations. Wanted to attach a video but I can't. The video shows it quite clearly.

  • I tested a bit. The oscillation / vibration only occurs when I am not turning the wheel. As soon as I turn the wheel for a corner, the vibration stops and the wheel feels normal again.

  • Hey! I am having the same issue. My game is unplayable and tbh it’s kinda scary sounding. I’m glad I’m not alone in this issue. Game worked fine a month ago. Kinda disappointing all these game breaking bugs these games seems to experience

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