I have a problem with my Fanatec Porsche Wheel Turbo S

My steering wheel works so far but at certain intervals the following problem occurs. The steering position of the steering wheel and the accelerator position of the accelerator pedal simply freeze but the game continues to run because the steering wheel is not disconnected from the PC and so you always drive into a gang, for example. If I disconnect the connection and reconnect it, it works again indefinitely. Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong?


  • I have a Porsche 911 Turbo. I'm not sure if it's wireless and uses a wireless dongle that plugs into the computer USB port or if it's just a direct USB plug in. Mine uses a wireless dongle. What would happen to me is that I'd be driving then suddenly my wheel would lose connection for a second and my wheel would be unresponsive, then it would suddenly start up again. It was quite annoying. The way around this problem I had was to purchase a USB extension cable and put the dongle directly on top of the 911 base. I'm assuming that made the signal strong enough to allow it to have a continuous connection. Perhaps that's something that's happening with yours?

    Also check to make sure that all your USB ports in device manager are set so that you turned off power saving control settings so they can't be turned off.

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