I have a CSL Elite 1 base and I was looking for a F1 wheel compatible PS5

What are you recommendation with quick release also please




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    CSL Elite v1 base is not Playstation compatible.

    Only the special CSL Elite PS4 Base is Playstation compatible. And on that one ANY Fanatec Wheel just works on Playstation.

  • oh, sorry, I guess this is the one I have then lol

    Only the special CSL Elite PS4 Base

    cause it's working on my PS5. But my wheel plastic is cracked. don't know what to do

    About the wheel. is there a wheel already with quick release? Do I have to buy something else?

    Wich whell are your recommendations?



  • Any wheel will work. During purchase choose QR1 or QR1 lite. Only the new QR2 will not be compatible, but it is optional.

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