CSL DD Wheel paddle shifter issue: no more click

Hi all, the upashift on my CSL DD wheel has lost the click after about 2 months use. It also springs back with less force when released after upshift compared to the downshift paddle.

The contact still works, so it's usable. But it doesn't feel very nice.

Anyone come across this? Anyone maybe have some tips? Anyone ever opened one of these?

I know about 3rd party magnet add ons, I may try that.

I really don't want to send the wheel back and wait for a fix/replacement ... that'll have me without racing for a month for sure, what a pain in the neck!

Thanks for any pointers :)




  • There is no CSL DD steering wheel I assume you are referring to the P1 v2.

    You probably broke the Snap Dome, a kind of metal bubble that makes the click. I also noticed in my one that the part is poorly designed, the paddles have more travel than necessary and press too much on the snap domes which emit a double click that is too sharp and are therefore destined to break. The click should be single and barely audible, exactly like on the WRC steering wheel.

    The steering wheel cannot be disassembled, the two main parts seem glued together. However, it is possible to reduce the tension on the Snap Domes by slightly unscrewing the 5 front screws, until the annoying noise coming from the snap domes stops.

    In your case, since the damage is already done, it is better to contact Fanatec to replace the steering wheel.

  • Thanks a lot for the explanation Alessandro!

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