F1 2023 - First time on track

Loading up the game is perfectly fine. Scrolling through the game fine, but as soon as I leave the pit lane but wheel jolts (with some force) then all of sudden stops! Takes around 15-20 seconds for the FFB to kick.

Is this normal? If not anyone out there had the same issue and sorted it.

Thanks for any help 🙏🏻


  • There is a slight jolt going over the pit lane line as the auto pilot hands back to you. The strengh of it depends on how high the FFB is turned up. Sounds like you have it fairly high?

    The game fades in FFB after flashbacks, Time trial starts so probably does out of the pit as well, but as I’m going straight usually haven’t noticed it on exit. I suspect they thought to avoid a sudden movement surprising the player or they had to filter out some unwanted outputs they couldn’t otherwise control. Its a bit annoying and used to be even longer. There is no setting for it I’ve seen

  • @neil Reuben

    Thank you for response much appreciated! Out of interest what are you FFB settings in-game and on wheel settings.

    I'm it's not just me! I thought my wheel base was messed! From what you've said most likely my settings are high.

    Many thanks again for your response 👍

  • Neil ReubenNeil Reuben Member
    edited October 2023

    PS5 DD Pro 8NM Formula V2, CSP V3 inverted, if using a different base may need tweeks

    SENS auto - some set to match in game but if you want to drive supercars then it will be off, never had an issue w auto

    FFS 65 - I’m running a bit higher in game so I can adjust overall FFB (combination of FEI & FOR below) from the wheel while on track using the tuning menu rather than going out to the settings menu in game which just requires so many menu clicks

    SCALE peak

    NDP 1 - Natural damper - keep low or loose a lot of detail. 1 is fine IMO

    NFR 1 - natural friction 0-5 for taste

    NIN 1 - natural inerita 0-5 for taset

    INT 1 - interpolation 1 is fine maybe 2 but not 0

    FEI 70 - this governs road, curb, other effects, again higher in game so I can adjust while on track 0-100

    FOR 80 - this governs steering related feedback, higher in game so I can adjust while on track 0-110

    SPR 100 - isn’t used but leave at 100

    DPR 100 isn’t used but leave at 100

    BRF 85 - depends on your pedals - go to calibration in game settings and adjust so that you max foot pressure = 100%

    In game:

    FFB strength 70 - default as I recall but don’t go higher, adjust FOR or FFS overall on the wheel to avoid possible clipping

    On track 50 - default, adjust using FEI for these 3 after making any desired differences between them

    Rumble strip 50

    Off track 50

    Wheel damper 0 - I think damping better managed on the wheel, or try 1 and turn NDP off

    Rotation 340 - like a bit quicker ratio so to taste

    Calibration: no dead zone or sensitivity. Linearity is to taste, adds a more gradual increase at the low end, but I’m not using

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